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Two Kinds Of Bishop – I by Bishop Richard N. Williamson

When bishops come from enemies of the Truth,
How can they ever defend the Faith, forsooth?
Both the Newsociety of St Pius X, and the priests who left it to join the non-structured movement known as the “Resistance,” are well aware how indispensable bishops are to the survival of the Catholic Church. However, they have rather different ideas on how to ensure that there will be such bishops in the future. Vatican II split Catholic Authority from Catholic Truth, a split which is at the heart of the Church’s on-going crisis ever since the 1960’s. Generally speaking, the Newsociety favours Authority over Truth (without completely abandoning Truth) while the “Resistance” favours Truth over Authority (without completely abandoning Authority). Hence the Newsociety is still waiting on Roman or Conciliar approval for it to have the new bishops it desperately needs, whereas the “Resistance” is making bishops for itself, without that approval, as did Archbishop Lefebvre for the original Society in 1988, with great success for the Faith.
To prove that the Newsociety is still waiting on Rome’s approval for it to have new bishops, a quote from Bishop Fellay early in 2022 to a Spanish journalist in Madrid should be enough. Asked what he is going to do for new bishops, his reply was, in substance: We are going to do exactly the same as Archbishop Lefebvre did in his time. When the urgency and need arise, we will do as he did, by turning to Rome and then, depending on the response, we will do as the Good Lord tells us. I see a new opening, which may have become more visible over the last few years, namely, I do not rule out that in the near future bishops of the Catholic Church will support us even in public, and if that happens, it may make it unnecessary for the Society to consecrate its own bishops.
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