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Violent Protest Is A Death Knell To Freedom by Gary D. Barnett

There are different types of protest, few of value, but in reality, when protesting authoritarian rule or government, the best and most legitimate response is one of negation of the State, negation of compliance; in other words, complete disobedience and ignoring all aspects of State rule and mandates at every opportunity possible. This approach in fact, is the only justifiable way to stop oppression and tyranny without becoming the same evil that is the enemy oppressor. Self-defense is another matter, as when confronted physically, or when great harm to self, family, or other innocents is active and present, equal or greater force may be required to stop the threat.
In today’s world, a world consumed by contradiction, indifference, immorality, and theatre, protest more often than not is about the show, not about actually putting down the threat of the State. Usually, the collective demonstrations in the streets are meant to gain, temporarily of course, notoriety, herd acceptance, and a day or two of a party-like event. Most would not even be there unless they were surrounded by the crowd, so as to obtain what they falsely perceive as a protective shield of bodies; bodies meant to hide their actual cowardice. As soon as the cameras leave, as soon as the crowd begins to disperse, as soon as their cover disappears, they all run away to their ‘normal (abnormal) existence. They remove their masks, they drop their signs, and are at once not seething with rage or rightful anger, nor do they any longer pursue any worthwhile cause of freedom. They are again on the sideline waiting for some savior to grant them redress from the tyranny they allow. It turns out more like a movie set at the end of the day, where all the actors go home, only awaiting the next curtain call. It is merely an acted out and worthless spectacle, usually with the obvious performing speakers seeking an audience for their own advancement or benefit, while using the crowd of sheep to enhance their popularity.

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