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Russia Warns Of Anti-White ‘Aggression’ In U.S. by AFP

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov on Thursday warned that anti-white racism might be building in the United States and said that political correctness “taken to the extreme” would have lamentable consequences. In an interview with political scientists broadcast on national television, Moscow’s top diplomat … stressed it was important “not to switch to the other […]

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Putin Triumphs As Washington DC Lifts Sanctions Against Russian Gas Warming Europe by Thomas Catenacci

A much chastened US ‘President’ Joe Biden has capitulated in the years long struggle to sanction Russian gas getting to Europe. The final construction phase of the Nordstream 2 pipeline now seems virtually unstoppable after President Joe Biden capitulated and dropped the threat of sanctions against the Russian-German project. US-based Axios news service has reported […]

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Spiritual Journey: Valaam Monastery In Russia’s Far North by RT Documentary (25:39)

Spiritual Journey: Valaam Monastery In Russia’s Far North by RT Documentary (25:39) (To view full screen, also with many links, click the link below.)

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Russia Recalls Ambassador After Joe Biden Threatens Vladimir Putin And Calls Him A ‘Killer With No Soul’ by Cristina Laila

Joe Biden wants to start of war with Russia over a bogus intel report asserting that Russia interfered in the 2020 election. Biden threatened Putin and said, “He will pay a price” during a softball interview with liberal operative George Stephanopoulos. “Russian Ambassador to the United States Anatoly Antonov has been summoned to Moscow for […]