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Confronting The Judeocracy: The Six Stages Of Enlightenment by Thomas Dalton Ph.D.

This 2,000-year history of hatred and contempt for the rest of humanity is played out in the present day, though with much stealth and deception. Jews often work in the background, hidden, out of the limelight; they are, as Hitler said, the “wire-pullers” (Drahtzieher) of contemporary society, using money and power to steer events in their favor. History tells us that Jews will stoop to anything—the most heinous, the most egregious, the most unethical—to promote their ends. Even war: there is an equally long and damning history of Jewish involvement in wars, from the Jewish-Roman wars in the first and second centuries to the present-day “war on terror”.[12] This is not speculation; all these facts are well-attested and well-documented. We need only do a basic bit of reading, from reputable sources.
The bottom line, of course, is that Jewish over-representation in major sectors of society does matter—it matters very much. Arguably it is the root cause of virtually all our present-day social problems, all of which have been created or exacerbated by powerful Jews. We can scarcely imagine what life could be like without their manipulating and malevolent presence.
This brief account of pernicious Jewish influence should help lay to rest the “irrelevance” stage. But impotence need not be the consequence. Accept the reality, and turn your anger onto the real targets. And then act. Bear in mind: Every Jewish victory in past centuries has been ephemeral, and has instead been transformed into concrete action against the Hebrews—isolation, ghettoization, incarceration, expulsion, or worse. And so it will be this time. Either the Jews themselves will recognize that they are on the brink and voluntarily retreat to their “homeland” in Palestine, or else native peoples around the world will, once again, take action.
The path to enlightenment is hard. And yet it must be pursued, if humanity is to flourish and prosper.
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Thomas Dalton Ph.D.

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