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Water: It’s A Mystery by Joe Dubs (Text and Videos)

Water is the most common substance known to man and also the most mysterious. The list of anomalies associated with it runs as long as the ocean is deep. Modern science has ignored this seemingly simple molecule, dismissing any qualities beyond the materialistic as pseudoscience and new age baloney. Water is central to life and […]

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60 Years Since The Cuban Missile Crisis: How Cool Heads Prevented A Soviet-US Naval Encounter Sparking A Nuclear War by Felix Livshitz

When the world came dangerously close to atomic Armageddon This October marks the 60th anniversary of the ‘underwater’ component of the Cuban Missile Crisis. It was an extraordinary episode that precipitated the infamous standoff between Moscow and Washington weeks later, and likewise brought the world to the brink of nuclear destruction. With frenzied Western accusations […]

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Discovery Sheds Light On Why Pacific Islands Were Colonized by Australian National University

The discovery of pottery from the ancient Lapita culture by researchers at The Australian National University (ANU) has shed new light on how Papua New Guinea (PNG) served as a launching pad for the colonization of the Pacific—one of the greatest migrations in human history. The new study makes clear the initial expansion of the […]

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Titanic’s Fatal Fire (43:33)

Titanic’s Fatal Fire (43:33)She was the largest ship ever built. Believed to be unsinkable, when RMS Titanic went down on her maiden voyage taking 1500 people to their death, it sent shock waves across the world and started a debate that still rages today. Why, when the Titanic received several warnings of icebergs ahead, did […]

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Air Jaws Ultimate Breach Off (2:58)

Air Jaws Ultimate Breach Off (2:58) (To view full screen, also with many links, click the link below.) Support Honest Independent Media, Donate To Ad-Free 1,000 Informative Articles, News Stories, And Videos Are Published Every Month Subscribe To The Daily Newsletter

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Sanderlings Eating Between Waves (0:15)

Sanderlings Eating Between Waves (0:15) (To view full screen, also with many links, click the link below.) From Dr. Vernon Coleman Earth Newspaper – A Major Source of Information If you’re looking for a cache of information about covid-19 I suggest you take a look at which contains over 2,250 [now over 3,000] […]

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First Power Achieved On World’s Largest Offshore Windfarm by Bob Yirka

Officials with the Danish energy company Ørsted have announced that they have achieved first power on the Hornsea 2 project—a new windfarm off the coast of England in the North Sea. As part of their announcement, posted on the company’s web page, officials noted that once the windfarm is fully operational, it will represent the […]

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Universal Declaration For The Future Of Humanity by Hardwick Alliance for Real Ecology

Empowering The Sovereign Peoples Of The World To Stop Global Totalitarianism, Corporate-Driven Ecocide And Unlawful Debt-Slavery By Implementing Solutions That Embrace Truth, Freedom, Justice And Prosperity For All Whilst Engaging The Common Sense And Human-Scale Values Of Real Ecology To Protect Our Precious Home, The Earth. This Universal Declaration is for every sovereign human being […]

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Italian Sailors Knew Of America 150 Years Before Christopher Columbus, New Analysis Of Ancient Documents Suggests by Taylor and Francis

New analysis of ancient writings suggests that sailors from the Italian hometown of Christopher Columbus knew of America 150 years before its renowned ‘discovery’. Transcribing and detailing a, circa, 1345 document by a Milanese friar, Galvaneus Flamma, Medieval Latin literature expert Professor Paolo Chiesa has made an “astonishing” discovery of an “exceptional” passage referring to […]