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The Zionist Coup Against Kennedy by Mark H. Gaffney

The last few years have been a painful time for those of us old enough to remember the 1960s. Over my lifetime I watched my country decline by every measure of greatness. It’s been excruciating, slow and nearly imperceptible from day to day, like water torture. Who would have guessed, even ten years ago, that we would now be on the brink of nuclear war with Russia? Each day, I scour the news and Internet hoping and praying for the peace movement to show up. But where are they? Even as events continue to escalate and momentum builds for a wider war in eastern Europe, I see no placards, no protesters in the streets, and very little evidence that our people understand what is happening. I never thought it would come to this.
World War II concluded ~78 years ago and today almost no one is left alive who remembers. Must we relive the nightmares of history every third or fourth generation simply because humans do not live long enough to preserve the horrific memories of the last war? Something within me resists this explanation, however, as too simplistic. There is another possibility: that our people have been disenfranchised, so dumbed down and demoralized by umpteen years of nonstop propaganda (including Russia-hate) that they are no longer able to think clearly, nor act to restore our country.
In my opinion, the greatest measure of our decline has been the abysmal quality of our leadership, especially at the national level. If this is true, then we must ask: How did it happen? In articles I read and while talking with friends, I often see/hear it repeated that the downward spiral started with the assassination of John F. Kennedy. I agree and take it as self evident that rightful authority has been under assault ever since.
Recently, I was compelled to modify my own views about the JFK murder, after reading an extraordinary book by a French writer Laurent Guyenot, From Yahweh to Zion (2020). The author is an outstanding biblical scholar, and he has written the most penetrating analysis of Zionism I have ever seen. Like many Americans, I once believed that the CIA and Italian mafia were behind the JFK assassination. But I now discount the-CIA-&-mob-did-it narrative as just another limited hangout.

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