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Why And How Doctors Kill More People Than Cancer by Dr. Vernon Coleman

Several decades ago I used mortality figures to prove that doctors were one of the top three causes of death (along with circulatory disease and cancer). My conclusion was widely scorned at the time but now you’d be hard pressed to find a doctor who didn’t agree that I was right.
Today, I’m afraid that the number of deaths caused by doctors is going up rapidly and doctors have for some time killed more people than cancer. Indeed, I strongly suspect that doctors are now the major cause of death in the western world – especially if vaccine deaths are included.
For a variety of reasons, some complex and some simple, modern, State-run health care is beyond repair and now kills more people than it saves.
Health care is changing at a phenomenal rate.
Governments are closing small hospitals and casualty departments and concentrating services in bigger and bigger hospitals. (This is being done to please the EU whose bureaucrats believe that big is beautiful and bigger is even more beautiful). Patients who need a GP are being told to telephone for advice rather than to visit the surgery. (The excuse for this is that it will save the planet by reducing the use of petrol). Patients who are injured in accidents are told to telephone ahead and get permission in advance if they think they need to be seen in a casualty department. This may all sound bizarre. But it’s true.

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One Reply to “Why And How Doctors Kill More People Than Cancer by Dr. Vernon Coleman

  1. I don’t think it’s new In the past peasants especially were too terrified to go to hospitals because they were certain they would be better off not .

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