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Passing Observations 139 by Dr. Vernon Coleman

The moderator of the Church of Scotland has warned that legalised assisted suicide could be viewed as an opportunity for cost saving by the NHS. He obviously doesn’t realise that the NHS hasn’t bothered to wait for assisted suicide to be made legal – staff are murdering patients wholesale with the infamous kill shot of midazolam and morphine. (see my video entitled ‘Murdered for her Bed’. You can watch it on and on BrandNewTube and you have a choice of 31 copies on BitChute. My good friend Mark R. Elsis has this and a huge number of my videos and articles on his magnificent website If you haven’t visited you should – it has the largest archive of covid-19 articles, news stories and videos. Please support in any way you can.
Now that there is no health care in the UK (Particularly for older citizens) I worry constantly that if I trip over a kerb or fall in the garden I will just be left to die. It’s an unpleasant dose of reality.
I am not always able to make eBook versions of my books. I’d prefer to, but this is sometimes outside my control. And I cannot sell my books directly through my websites because none of the payment companies will give me an account. (When Korsgaard Publishing produced editions of three of my books, they lost their PayPal account within 15 minutes because of their association with me. They set up an account with another company and immediately had that one cancelled.) I’m afraid it’s something of a miracle that I am able to publish any of my books at all.
Wikipedia is surely one of the most successful con tricks in history. Selling this corrupt site as an encyclopaedia is like selling candyfloss and calling it food. (Actually, I suppose that candyfloss is a sort of food whereas Wikipedia is nothing like an encyclopaedia since entries aren’t independently edited or checked and some editors will accept money to alter the contents of entries.)

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