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The Pentagon, Big Pharma, And Globalist War by Richard Hugus

There is nothing new under the sun, but it’s always a surprise to hear the details of how governments have once again betrayed the people they claim to serve. ‘Betrayed’ is putting it mildly. In the past month, we’ve seen government criminality on three fronts:
1) the covid narrative on social media being micromanaged by FBI agents and White House staff who directly violated the 1st Amendment by telling Facebook and Twitter who and what to censor on their platforms,
2) government spokespeople making statements that anyone who disagrees with the official medical fascist narrative is spreading disinformation and is a threat to society, and
3) a trail of contracts between federal bureaucracies proving the covid operation was run not by the supposed health authorities — CDC, FDA, etc. — but by the war authority, the US Department of Defense.
We already know mainstream media is the propaganda arm of the state. And we know that propagandists don’t allow alternative views. So let’s concentrate on item 3 — the DoD contracts.

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