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Crisis Is The Norm In Domestic War, But This Country And The World Are In Crisis By Design by Gary D. Barnett

It should have become obvious by this time that ‘crisis’ management political policy is the new war being waged against society as a whole, in order for the state and its masters to gain total control over every aspect of human life, regardless of the dire consequences to the rest of us. How does it feel to be completely inconsequential to the ruling element of this nation and others, while the wealthy controlling few at the top decide whether you are to work, to travel, to be free, to be with family and friends, to eat, to keep warm, and even to live or die? Those who continue to believe in and support this heinous system of totalitarian governance will likely never have a clue as to their own personal existence, as they are simply without the capability to think and function as a free and independent human being. These people are of no advantage to any freedom movement, as they voluntarily submit to rule of one over another, so considering any drive to remain a thinking and vital individual amongst fools is lost to this element of society.
The challenges facing us are tremendous, so understanding the way of this modern technique of war that has been designed purposely to lull us into state dependency, is extremely important; so much so as to be essential to our future existence. The hell that is warfare takes on many disguises, but war is always evil, and meant to monopolize power over people, places, or things. Whether foreign or domestic matters not, as the goal is always to expand rule, and this is the essence of our current situation; one in which the state as proxy for the real power, is intent on changing the world structure entirely to suit its drive toward a fully dominant technocratic worldwide system of oppressive supremacy over all life.
One crisis after another will be forthcoming; never-ending in intensity or numbers, but always heading toward the singular goal of power and control. The very fact that most all countries worldwide are working and cooperating simultaneously as partners, should scare the hell out of any with eyes to see. How could this be? It cannot be legitimate, but it does expose that this is a planned takeover, and has been designed as such for a very long time.
by Gary D. Barnett

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One Reply to “Crisis Is The Norm In Domestic War, But This Country And The World Are In Crisis By Design by Gary D. Barnett

  1. Thanks to UN and global imperialism by the rule of law .By lawxnow military powers take precedence over all democratically elected governments under health emergency powers Its already legislated and vo ordinated globally by UN and the busy workers international lawyers .All who serve by law the Sovereign who is the Pope .

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