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Israel Assassinated President John F. Kennedy by Mark R. Elsis

If you would like to know who the real perpetrators behind the assassination of President Kennedy were, it was Israel. Their motive was they desperately wanted to obtain nuclear weapons. Juxtapose this with the evidence that non-proliferation of nuclear weapons was the most vital issue of the Kennedy presidency. He would not let Israel or any other country acquire these weapons.
What I’ve found baffling, over the last 59 years, we’ve all heard every possible crazy conspiracy theory on the assassination, except for those who had the means, motive, and opportunity to execute and cover-up the assassination, Israel.
All my life, I have wanted to uncover an indisputable smoking gun on who was behind the assassination of President John F. Kennedy. One night when falling off to sleep and entering hypnagogia, I had this most insightful thought, which ultimately became the smoking gun. Why don’t I research and find out how many of those behind-the-scenes of the Warren Commission, the general counsel, assistant counsel, and staff members were Jewish?
Well, I did just that. I went one by one through all 27 Warren Commission counsel and staff members, and I found out 18 were Jewish, which is 66.6%.
Then I did a little research and math and found the chance of being a Jewish male in the United States in 1963 was 1 in 66.6. The Jews were just about 3% of the US population in 1963, so Jewish males were 1.5%, and 100 divided by 1.5 equals 66.6. I did find it quite interesting that both of the above numbers equaled 66.6. Sometimes in the weirdest ways, you can find the devil in the details.
I gave these numbers to a math professor to figure out and double-check for me. He told me the mathematical chance for 18 Jewish American males being general counsel, assistant counsel, and staff members out of the 27 on the Warren Commission was 1 in 391,576,005,273,123,200.
The name for that number is a quadrillion, so the probability was 1 in 392 quadrillion chance. For those that may not know the naming of numbers in the American system, this is it, one thousand, thousand make a million, one thousand million make a billion, one thousand billion make a trillion, and finally, one thousand trillion make a quadrillion. You may take a minute to let that fully sink in, for it is the indisputable smoking gun cover-up of the assassination of President John F. Kennedy.

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2 Replies to “Israel Assassinated President John F. Kennedy by Mark R. Elsis

  1. Israel=Rothschild. JFK would have ended the federal reserve and all the hidden as if government institutions that go along with it. Just as Hitler did to the Rothschild bank in Germany and who’s usury free miracle economy JFK sought to emulate. Certainly nothing to do with fake nukes.

    1. President Kennedy an Executive Order 11110 was not going to abolish the Fed. I was the person who wrongly started that 20 plus years ago (perhaps my biggest mistake). And best of luck with the fake nukes, I have a flat earth to sell you.

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