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The Conspirators by DireReport.com

The Democrat party have demonstrated judicial malfeasance by their flagrant abuse of power starting with the fabricated dossier during the Trump administration, the groundless impeachment trials and false witnesses, including the partisan arrests, framing, and imprisonment without trial of peaceful and innocent protesters on January 6th. Political persecutions through one-sided commissions and communist-style show trials demonstrated how corrupt and evil they are. The harassment and issuance of subpoenas to anyone who supported Trump, who are conservative, Christian or election results deniers have made the Democrat party synonymous with, and the actual instigators of conspiracies, disinformation, and political chicanery.
Let’s not forget the mandatory vaccines and lockdowns that fired millions from their jobs and closed down small businesses, crippled the economy and caused the deaths of tens of thousands (just in the US). Their support of abortion, including the barbaric infanticide of late-term babies up to birth, pedophilia, and transgender indoctrination of children is grievously immoral and satanic. Censorship of truth and free speech, their two-tiered justice system is unconstitutional and intolerable. They must all be voted out of power on November 8 and indicted for their crimes.

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