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Covid Scam, NATO Wars, Green Extremism: The Tyrannical Trifecta From Hell by Chuck Baldwin

Everyone feels it, but not everyone sees it: America’s greatest threat is not from Russia or China or from any other foreign government. America’s greatest threat is from our own government in Washington, D.C. When will the American people get that through their heads?
The globalist devils inside the Beltway manufactured and implemented the Covid scamdemic: the greatest act of tyranny inside U.S. borders since Lincoln invaded the South.
The globalist devils inside the beltway have turned Europe and the world into a giant military encampment with U.S. and NATO bases on the doorsteps of almost every country on the planet, which only incites nations to retaliate.
And the globalist devils inside the beltway have turned U.S. energy policies over to an extremist Green agenda that if fully implemented will turn the greatest nation to ever exist into a third world country. In fact, America is already headed in that direction.
The Covid scam, NATO wars and Green extremism are the tyrannical trifecta from Hell. Defeat these three satanic attacks against our liberties, and you will solve a host of problems, not the least of which is inflation and our overall economic malaise.
The Covid tyranny has already doomed the lives of millions who foolishly took the jabs and forever enslaved the minds of millions more. The expansion of NATO and America’s perpetual war agenda has brought us to the precipice of nuclear war. And if allowed to grow into maturation, the Green agenda will do as much—if not more—damage to our country than nuclear war.
Looking back, I wonder if Ron Paul’s candidacy was America’s last opportunity to set its ship of state aright. In a spiritual sense, when Christians and conservatives rejected Dr. Paul, they rejected the Biblical Natural Law principles that he represented.
At some point, the chickens come home to roost—even for America.

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