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Comedians Call Out PC Culture by SC Reviews (9:26)

Comedians Call Out PC Culture by SC Reviews (9:26) (To view full screen click the link below.) https://www.bitchute.com/video/VohDngf5LIva The general public is sick of PC culture invading every aspect of their lives. Comedians are also sick of it and some have been battling this issue for a long time. Let’s get some reactions from some […]

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Judge Rules Lawyers Must ‘Destroy’ Jeffrey Epstein Files by Sharyl Attkisson

[The following is an excerpt from an article in Newsweek – Link is below.] Judge Rules Virginia Giuffre’s Lawyers Must ‘Destroy’ Jeffrey Epstein Files Attorneys for Virginia Giuffre, who publicly accused Jeffrey Epstein of sex trafficking, must destroy files they obtained on Epstein after a Wednesday ruling by a federal judge. https://sharylattkisson.com/2020/07/judge-rules-lawyers-must-destroy-jeffrey-epstein-files Judge Rules Virginia […]

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Black Voices Also Matter by Gilad Atzmon

That we are proceeding rapidly into an authoritarian reality is hardly a news item: it is impossible not to identify the institutions at the centre of this unfortunate transition. Every day one Jewish organization or another brags about its success in defeating our most precious Western values: political freedom and intellectual tolerance. At the moment […]

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A Special Edition Of Path Forward With Bill And Melinda Gates (17:33)

A Special Edition Of Path Forward With Bill And Melinda Gates (17:33) (To view full screen click the link below.) https://www.bitchute.com/video/KJXx1IE5YlT2 Watch Bill Gates from 4:40 through 7:00. “So we, you know will have to prepare for the next one, that, you know I’d say is ahh, will get attention this time.” [Then a devilishly […]

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The Crucifixion Of Russia by Daniel Walker (1:21:54)

The Crucifixion Of Russia by Daniel Walker (1:21:54) (To view full screen click the link below.) https://www.bitchute.com/video/DZ4lNJHdh5Kq The Crucifixion Of Russia The Dark Truth About The Jewish Led Bolshevik RevolutionJewish Bolshevism and its toll on Russia and the East of Europe was one of the most devastating atrocities that ever occurred. While most Genocides are […]

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“No One Has Died From The Coronavirus” by Rosemary Frei and Patrick Corbett

Important revelations shared by Dr Stoian Alexov, President of the Bulgarian Pathology Association A high-profile European pathologist is reporting that he and his colleagues across Europe have not found any evidence of any deaths from the novel coronavirus on that continent. Dr. Stoian Alexov called the World Health Organization (WHO) a “criminal medical organization” for […]

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The jewish Cultural Looting And Plundering Of Germany After Its Defeat by Meža Vilks

German military leaders charged with war crimes at Nürnberg were charged with “destruction et pillage d’oeuvres d’art” based specifically on the violation of Article 56 of the Hague Convention of 1907 regarding war booty. Ironically, the Hague convention got its inspiration from disputes which arose from the Napoleonic Wars regarding Napoleon’s notorious plundering. Article 56 […]

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The Gulag Archipelago And The Wisdom Of Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn by Academy Of Ideas (11:13)

The Gulag Archipelago And The Wisdom Of Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn by Academy Of Ideas (11:13) (To view full screen click the link below.) https://www.bitchute.com/video/bJX5la1yBL1L The Gulag Archipelago by Aleksandr I. Solzhenitsyn https://archive.org/details/TheGulagArchipelago-Threevolumes 200 Years Together by Aleksandr I. Solzhenitsyn https://archive.org/details/AleksandrSolzhenitsyn200YearsTogether_201502 Academy Of Ideas Free Minds for a Free Society https://academyofideas.com

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The Concept Of Freedom For Every Human Being Was Born In These United States On July 4, 1776 by Michael Hoffman

The recent upheaval in our streets has sometimes been dubbed the “1619” protests in a tip of the hat to the “1619 Project” published by the New York Times, which is woefully inadequate as history. For example, the 1619 Project suppresses the significant Judaic part in the enslavement of black people. The magisterial three volume […]

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Weaponized Multiculturalism: Israel Trained Nelson Mandela by FTN (21:28)

In the midst of the 2020 Bolshevist cultural revolution, it’s important to add the context of recent African history in which Israel’s Mossad is confirmed to have given paramilitary training to a young Nelson Mandela, mounting an international campaign against apartheid while simultaneously shoring up apartheid at home, and extracting 450 tons of yellowcake uranium […]

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Google Censorship (5 Videos) Playlist by Mark R. Elsis

A Violent Insane Asylum by Mark R. Elsis https://GoogleCensorship.com Dr. Robert Epstein On Google Censorship (7:08) https://www.bitchute.com/video/sSfOHzS9vZNL Dr. Robert Epstein’s testimony on July 16, 2019, before the Senate concerning Google’s search manipulation and its impact on elections. https://drrobertepstein.com/index.php/internet-studies