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White Liberalism Is Systemic Racism by Video Rebel

Those reduced covid death numbers could be easily reduced further. A British MP read about the Andalusian regional government in southern Spain cutting their covid-19 death rate by giving everyone minimal doses of Vitamin D-3. He wondered why the British government did not do the same. They could end the pandemic, the lockdowns and even the face diapers (masks). If they gave everyone in hospitals and nursing homes or going back to school or to work in high contact jobs or at risk populations both Ivermectin and a bolus of Vitamin D-3, very few would die. And we would cure a lot of other diseases. 70% of Americans have less than minimal Vitamin D-3 in their blood. A side effect of cutting the covid death rate by 82% would be the reduction of 12 or more different cancers. This would be good for potential cancer patients. But it would be very bad for the people who make fortunes treating cancer patients with poisonous chemicals and radiation. It would also be bad for the Deep State which wants to reduce world population by 7 billion people.

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