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GMO: Bad For The Soil And For You by Video Rebel

If you give a mouse a choice between GMO and heirloom corn, he will not eat any of the former until he has eaten all of the latter.
There seems to be a shortage of NPK fertilizers. Farmers are paying up to $186,000 to fertilize their corn fields. But what are we getting from that corn. Some time ago I explained that a mycorhizzal (Latin for root) fungi attached to the roots of a stalk of corn or a rose bush will find any one of 41 items on a menu requested by a plant. It will then deliver that mineral, whether it be magnesium or boron or cobalt, to the root. The plant will deliver sugar made by photosynthesis in its leaves in exchange.
The menu consists of 41 chemical messages. Salesmen from Big Ag would have you believe that the other 38 items on the menu are not important as they are not N (Nitrogen), P (Phosphorous) or K (Potassium.)
In the previous arti cle I explained that Glyphosate binds with certain minerals and makes them unavailable for your plants. One example was boron which is needed for the plant’s cell walls to protect itself from diseases and pests, to grow roots into the soil and to make pollination happen. Another example was manganese which makes the enzyme that makes photosynthesis possible by splitting water molecules.

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One Reply to “GMO: Bad For The Soil And For You by Video Rebel

  1. Science Such a friend to the farmer and now humans have been MRNA d into GMOs maybe mice won’t want to eat them either.

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