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About Those 336 US Biolabs Around The World by Video Rebel

The US had 336 biolabs in 30 countries around the world. That number included 26 labs in the Ukraine. So currently there are 310 bioweapons labs in 29 countries.Those labs in the Ukraine fell into Russian hands. US documents from the Ukraine have been published in Moscow by their Ministry of Defense. It seems everyone but the American public knew about US bioweapons programs.
Also gone with the 26 US-Ukranian biolabs is the (MIC) Military Industrial Complex’s pipe dream of a First Nuclear Strike against Russia featuring second rate American missiles. Iran at Mach 14 has missiles more than twice as fast as America’s. The US military has been dreaming of getting into the Ukraine so their missiles didn’t have to be even as half as good as the ones the Ayatollah has.
Neither the lab at UNC nor the one at Wuhan are listed in the above 336 US bioweapons labs. We ought to be demanding answers to hard questions about covid, the vaxxes and all those bioweapons projects.

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