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The 2022 Democrat Platform – An Honest Version by Video Rebel

The average life expectancy of a trafficked child is two years. That is after two years of being raped daily. Lara Logan. Note: This 2022 Democrat party platform is from the UN, the IMF, NATO, Davos, Wall Street and the City of London so the agenda applies to your nation as well even if you do not pay taxes to Joe Biden. These are the promises all Democrats running for office in 2022 are making unless they have made a video I never saw.
I promise to cut your wages 60%, 100% if you lose your job. I promise to make your life a living hell of crime and violence. I promise to get you into a war and make darn sure that America loses. I promise to destroy your health and to make you die an agonizing death. I promise to reduce the value of your paycheck, your pension and your savings to zero. I promise to give you a digital cash card that tracks your every move and will forbid you to buy or sell anything more than 5 miles from your house if you say anything any one of 100,000 minders from the NSA, the CIA, the FBI, the IRS, Silicon Valley or anywhere else in Washington DC does not like. A veritable “Mark of the Beast.”
This will require some explaining. Let’s begin:

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