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The Great Reset: Depopulation by Video Rebel

The US has been printing money by the tens of trillions of dollars to cover for what Wall Street stole from us. They are allowed to steal from us by the tens of trillions. That is in the Talmud – “It is lawful to rob the Gentiles as soon as we get control of their government.” The World Economic Forum at Davos has accepted the Georgia Guidestones goal to reduce world population to 500 million as part of their Great Reset which is their plan to make what was ours into theirs. The current world population is 7.9 billion which means they want 7.4 billion people to say good-bye permanently. Even if they made it illegal to live beyond your 65th birthday, the Globalists would only reduce the world’s population by 632 million. In fact there are 2.291 billion people under 18. So even if they killed everyone 18 and over, the Davis Woke crowd would have 1.791 billion more people than they would allow to live. To better visualize their genocidal plans, a reduction of world population to 500 million means that the Globalists want to kill 93.7% of the people alive today.

From Dr. Vernon Coleman
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