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Deep State Democrats To Cut Wages 60%. Then It Gets Worse by Video Rebel

The US budget deficit for the month of February 2021 was $312 billion. It was not until March that the Democrats were able to unilaterally give away $1.9 trillion in stimulus funds including cash to illegal aliens. Thus guaranteeing even more people would cross our unprotected borders claiming their share of the proceeds from the Treasury Department’s high speed money printing presses. The plan is to follow up March’s $1.9 trillion stimulus with a $3 trillion Green New Deal deceptively called infrastructure improvements. A lot of that money will be given in bribes to voters to not question what comes next. What do you think will happen to the dollar when the US runs 4 trillion dollar annual deficits year after year? How long before we hit $5 trillion deficits? $6 trillion?

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