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The Wisdom Of Mother Nature by Video Rebel

I have written the following because we will soon be facing hyperinflation led by sharply higher food prices, mass starvation and Food Riots. Everyone will need to learn the secrets of Nature if they want to successfully raise food to feed themselves and their families. If a leaf on a branch one hundred feet in the air decides it needs a particular nutrient, it can select from one of 41 items on a menu. Suppose it wants a stronger structure and chooses calcium. It selects calcium and sends that as a chemical message 100 feet plus feet down to the roots of the tree where the message is delivered to an adjacent mycorhizzal fungi (Latin for root fungi) which delivers the requested calcium in exchange for sugars made by the leaves of the tree in photosynthesis. The calcium then makes its way back up the tree to the leaf. This round trip according to Dr Elaine Ingham takes 90 seconds. The amazing thing is that man made pumps do not work very well after 33.9 feet. And well pumps cost hundreds of dollars. The tree pumps water and nutrients up from the roots for free. It uses what Dr Gerald Pollack calls Structured or Exclusion Zone (EZ) water. It is H3O2 rather than H2O.

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