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Dr. Jane Ruby Reveals Toxic Covid Vaxx Batch Labels by Video Rebel

Dr. Jane Ruby said on the Stew Peters show that Pfizer, Moderna and Johnson and Johnson are experimenting with lethal dose Covid vaxxes on humans, both adult and children. In fact their lot numbers reveal whether that batch is designed to only find the level at which the victims are killed or the level at which they are merely disabled for life. Normally, lethal dose studies are done on animals. The label LD50 would usually mean that the Lethal Dose of 50 units was the dosage required to kill either the rabbits or the mice. But we are in extraordinary times and the Establishment has to kill us in large numbers as they have stolen most of our pensions and investments. Knowing dose levels sufficient to kill us is important so they can release the next bioweapon. Dr. Ruby has an associated website where you can check the lethality of batches from Pfizer, Moderna and Johnson and Johnson. You might spark enough people in your area to refuse Kill Shots.

From Dr. Vernon Coleman
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One Reply to “Dr. Jane Ruby Reveals Toxic Covid Vaxx Batch Labels by Video Rebel

  1. Hello,
    Can someone help me look up these Moderna Lot numbers and provide me with any information? I want to know what my risk is for having problems. Thank you!!
    Moderna Lot# 026L20A (First)
    Moderna Lot #024M20A (Second)
    Moderna Lot# 067F21A (this was 3rd and the Booster)

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