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Impeach Biden, Harris, Fauci, Yellen, Austin, et al. by Video Rebel (Text and Video)

I have seen tame versions of the idea that we should impeach Biden when the Republicans get control of the House. I would suggest that Republican congressional candidates advocate impeaching (indicting) Biden, Harris, Lloyd Austin III at Defense, Janet Yellen at Treasury, Secretary of U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development Marcia Fudge, Janet Woodcock at FDA, Rochelle P. Walensky (CDC) and Chiquita Brooks-LaSure who is the Administrator for the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS). The latter is the woman who paid hospitals billions of dollars to administer Remdesivir to covid patients which killed thousand of Americans by destroying their kidneys and liver. Fauci spent $79 million of NIH taxpayer money to develop Remdesivir and only to gave it to Gilead Science. Bill Gates and Fauci both own stock in Gilead. Remdesivir is so deadly that it was pulled from the Ebola trials after just 30 days as 54% died. Now Chiquita Brooks-LaSure bribes hospitals to give you Remdesivir which even African Ebola patients rejected. Mass murder ought be grounds for impeachment.

From Dr. Vernon Coleman
Earth Newspaper – A Major Source of Information
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