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America Circling The Drain By Design by Video Rebel

I read a few months ago that American’s monthly trade deficit in physical goods was $93.6 billion. In January it had grown to $107.6 billion. This horrendous trade deficit was by design. Our trade deficits were not huge until the Clintons passed the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA.) Wassily Leontieff won a Nobel Prize for his input-output analysis of the American economy. He concluded that American workers were the best paid in the world because they took raw materials from their country’s abundant natural resources and added the value of a skilled work force to produce final products.
The pandemic lockdowns were all about Hyperinflation. Normally, when a lot of money is printed the first people to get it reap the greatest reward. Then as the money circulates through the country, business activity spikes and an inflation follows. But these men are Bankers. They shutdown Main St America with scamdemic lockdowns so the average citizen could neither make money nor spend it. This allowed the Bankers to buy everything from commodities to real estate while preparing Hyperinflation Dooms Day for us. Now we are headed to Hyperinflation which I have defined as starting at 25% for the US Dollar which is an international reserve currency. Shadowstats estimates the real US inflation rate as over 15% meaning we are 3/5s of the way to Financial Armageddon.

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