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Insanity Or What? by Video Rebel

Our Israel policy is another case of beyond insanity: The US is giving Israel $20 million a day in aid even though Israel has been supplying China with prohibited weapons. Remember Sam Cohen and the neutron bomb? He invented the neutron bomb that kills people through radiation which dissipates sufficiently in a week to allow tank forces to invade a country and seize their mostly unharmed infrastructure. Sam Cohen gave this technology to Israel and the Israelis sold this to China. Israel also sold China laser technology so they could blind American pilots. The US gave Israel our F-16 and all of our advanced avionics research so they could build a fighter jet superior to the F-16. The Israelis decided to sell that American research to China so the Chinese could build advanced jets and more easily fight a war in the Pacific against Japan, Taiwan, South Korea, Australia and America. America’s foreign policy has always been a case of Israel First and America Last.

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