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If I Were Vladimir Putin… by Video Rebel

Vladimir Putin has changed the world. Since the collapse of the Soviet Union, Wall Street had ruled the planet. Do it our way or else. Saddam Hussein dared to sell his oil for euros. His country was bombed, invaded and occupied. Colonel Qaddafi wanted to create an African dollar backed by oil and gold to protect Africans from predatory American and European Bankers. His country was bombed and invaded.
Vladimir Putin has said he will only take rubles, gold and Bitcoin for natural gas. And now the ruble has returned to 100% of the value it had prior to the war.
I would make one bold move if I were Putin. I would tell everyone in the Ukraine that they would be allowed to work tax free until the peace conference settles the new borders by allowing the local populations to vote whether they want to remain in the Ukraine or join the Crimeans in becoming Russian citizens. Though some might prefer to join their brothers in Hungary.

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