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Trump Assassination Attempt by Mark R. Elsis

Bullet flying perilously close to Trump’s head,moments before another grazed his ear.Photograph by Doug Mills This page will be updated regularly with pertinent articles, news, photographs, and videos. Questions and answers on the Trump assassination attempt, where he missed death by less than an inch:The patsy assassin has been identified as 20-year-old Thomas Matthew Crooks […]

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How The Israeli Army Benefits From US Tax Law by Philip Giraldi

Tax exemptions that support war crimes are not “charitable” The United States tax code allows exemptions from federal taxes for certain categories of nonprofit organizations or groups that frequently serve either an educational or charitable purpose. Such organizations are categorized as 501(c)(3) and exempt from Federal income taxes while the donors who contribute to their […]

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There Is No Such Thing As Legitimate Or Moral Government, Rule, Or Authority, And There Has Never Been by Gary D. Barnett

“The way people speak of those in power, calling their commands “laws,” referring to disobedience to them as a “crime,” and so on, implies the right of “government” to rule, and a corresponding obligation on the part of its subjects to obey. Without the right to “rule,” (“authority”) there is no need to call the […]

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Romans IX by Bishop Richard N. Williamson

Let us recall how Jews served God at first,But the best, that fall, can turn into the worst. When the savagery of today’s Israelis continues unabated against the Palestinians in their midst, their most savage “mowing of the lawn” yet (that is their own term for it) since the founding of Israel in 1948, it […]

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2024: The Year The Israel Lobby Loses Its Grip On The World? by Video Rebel

Video Rebel Archive With 73 Postshttps://earthnewspaper.com/category/video-rebel Israel cannot defeat Hamas. Israel cannot defeat Hezbollah. Israel cannot defeat Iran. So the Israeli leadership has decided to go to war with Hezbollah knowing that a sufficient number of atrocities will bring Iran and hopefully the US into the war. They hope that the US will blow up […]

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In Memory Of My Best Friend, Jumana by Ghaydaa Owaidah

It took me 42 days to regain the ability to write. Writing about her is as difficult as accepting her loss. Jumana, my university friend, is gone. A martyr. Jumana, or Jeeji, as I used to call her, was her mother’s best friend, her father’s only daughter, and my heart’s delight. She knew all the […]

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Rep. Thomas Massie: Every GOP Congressman Has An “AIPAC Babysitter” by Chuck Baldwin

Chuck Baldwin Archive: https://earthnewspaper.com/category/chuck-baldwin Those Christians and conservatives who pooh-pooh Israel’s dominance and control over our congressmen and senators in Washington, D.C., are willfully ignorant. They say it isn’t true, not because it isn’t true, but because they don’t want to admit that it’s true. Well, it IS true. And everyone inside the Beltway and […]

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For My Beautiful Mother Mary On Mother’s Day 2024 by Mark R. Elsis

My Mother MaryMiss Pan Am 1949 So, on this Mother’s Day 2024, I dedicate this great song to my Mother, Mary, who passed on March 11, 2010.She was the most beautiful, giving, and loving Mother a boy, teenager, and man, could ever have wished for.I love you Mom, and I thank you for all you […]