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August 11, 2022

“If ye love wealth better than liberty, the tranquility of servitude
better than the animating contest of freedom, go home from us in peace.
We ask not your counsels or arms.
Crouch down and lick the hands which feed you.
May your chains set lightly upon you,
and may posterity forget that ye were our countrymen.”
Sam Adams

War Criminals Archive With 367 Posts

World On The Brink Of Nuclear Catastrophe – Moscow
If Ukrainian forces keep attacking the Zaporozhye power plant, a nuclear disaster can happen at any moment, Moscow warns
iev’s “reckless” actions are pushing the world ever closer to a major nuclear disaster, Russia’s ambassador to the UN, Vassily Nebenzia, told the UN Security Council at a meeting focused on the Zaporozhye power plant in southern Ukraine. The plant has been under the control of Russian forces since the start of the conflict between Moscow and Kiev and has since been shelled by Ukrainian troops on several occasions.
“We have repeatedly warned our Western colleagues that, should they fail to talk sense into the Kiev regime, it would take the most heinous and reckless steps, which would have consequences far beyond Ukraine,” Nebenzia told the Security Council on Thursday. “That is exactly what is happening,” he said, adding that the Western “sponsors” of Kiev would have to bear the responsibility for a potential nuclear catastrophe.
by RT

ACH (1874) Dr. Patrick Slattery And Kato – The QAnon Church Of Donald Trump (55:08)
In today’s show originally broadcast on August 10 2022, Andy is joined by Dr. Patrick Slattery and Kato, for a show entitled, “The QAnon Church Of Donald Trump.”
We discussed: Kato’s background growing up ABC (American Born Chinese) and how he became interested in the independent media; the persecution of Donald Trump and how this is backfiring on the powers that should not be; how the FBI have revealed themselves to be nothing more than a Stasi style political terror organization; why the Biden Inflation Bill contains a provision for hiring 85,000 new IRS Agents; how the 2020 election was stolen and why Americans should not use this as an excuse to abandon the electoral process; how China’s Social Credit System actually operates and how we could expect such a system to operate in the West; how the Biden Administration has been the most hostile to China in U.S. history; the ownership of The Epoch Times; and many other topics.
by Andrew Carrington Hitchcock

Ukraine Military Summary And Analysis August 10, 2022 (21:57)
by Military Summary

China’s Reunification In The New Era Will Advance In This Way
The Taiwan Affairs Office of the State Council and the State Council Information Office of China published a white paper, “The Taiwan Question and China’s Reunification in the New Era,” on Wednesday. It is China’s third white paper on the Taiwan question after previous publications in 1993 and 2000. It is a historical document issued at a special time. Its significance is thus self-evident.
From whatever perspective, the publication of the white paper comes at an appropriate time. US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s visit to the Taiwan island escalated tensions in the Taiwan Straits, as well as in ties between China and the US. At the same time, it attracted great attention from public opinions both at home and abroad over the Taiwan question. For some time, the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) authority in Taiwan island has been stepping up its collusion with external forces, in attempts to manipulate the narrative over the Taiwan question and woo international attention through deceptive rhetoric. It refuses to recognize the one-China principle, tries to smear the “one country, two systems,” and fantasizes to “exchange Heaven and Earth” on major issues of principle. Such a fallacy is, in a way, more harmful than Pelosi’s visit.
by Global Times Editorial

Russia – Turkey Trade Deal Causes Collective West Panic (20:20)
by The Duran

Pelosi Unilaterally Extends Unconstitutional Proxy Voting Scheme… Again
House Speaker Nancy Pelosi on Tuesday unilaterally extended her unconstitutional proxy voting scheme…again. This is pure lawlessness and unprecedented corruption. Pelosi cited Covid and said that a “public health emergency is in effect” in her announcement extending proxy voting. It will be extended until September 26, 2022. Pelosi unilaterally extended her proxy voting scheme several times over the last couple years. Last September, GOP Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy asked the US Supreme Court to overturn Speaker Pelosi’s House proxy voting. “Although the Constitution allows Congress to write its own rules, those rules cannot violate the Constitution itself, including the requirement to actually assemble in person. Since its adoption 14 months ago, proxy voting has shattered 231 years of legislative precedent and shielded the majority from substantive policy debates and questions, effectively silencing the voices of millions of Americans,” McCarthy wrote to the Supreme Court justices. The US Supreme Court in January declined to hear GOP Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy’s challenge to Speaker Pelosi’s proxy voting.
by Cristina Laila

UK Admits Russian Advance On Bakhmut; Prospects For Ukraine’s Kherson Offensive Fade (52:37)
by Alexander Mercouris

Curing Heart Disease Without Pills Or Surgery
It has, of course, been known for some time that it is possible to prevent heart disease by changing your lifestyle. Family history is a major factor in the development of heart trouble and you can’t do much about your parents or grandparents. But whether you come from a line of people with healthy hearts or vulnerable, fragile hearts you can dramatically improve your chances of avoiding cardiac trouble by following such simple rules as avoiding fatty foods, taking regular, gentle exercise, learning how to cope with stress and keeping as far away from tobacco as possible.
The recent breakthrough (made largely through the work of an American doctor called Dr Dean Ornish) has been to show that it is actually possible to treat patients with existing heart disease by encouraging them to make significant changes in the way they live. Dr Ornish was the first clinician to provide documented proof that heart disease can be halted or even reversed simply by a change in life-style. After one year the majority (82%) of the patients who made the comprehensive lifestyle changes recommended by Dr Ornish showed some measurable reversal of their coronary artery blockages.
by Dr. Vernon Coleman

EU, Russian Travel Ban Regime Change. Ukraine Stops Oil Supply To Eu, Hungary Intervenes. (21:05)
by Alex Christoforou

BMJ Opinion From Former Editor – Time To Assume That Health Research Is Fraudulent Until Proven Otherwise?
Richard Smith, editor of the British Medical Journal (BMJ) until 2004 posted an interesting opinion piece in the BMJ last year.
I have posted it below for you to read. Time to assume that health research is fraudulent until proven otherwise? Health research is based on trust. Health professionals and journal editors reading the results of a clinical trial assume that the trial happened and that the results were honestly reported. But about 20% of the time, said Ben Mol, professor of obstetrics and gynaecology at Monash Health, they would be wrong. As I’ve been concerned about research fraud for 40 years, I wasn’t that surprised as many would be by this figure, but it led me to think that the time may have come to stop assuming that research actually happened and is honestly reported, and assume that the research is fraudulent until there is some evidence to support it having happened and been honestly reported. The Cochrane Collaboration, which purveys “trusted information,” has now taken a step in that direction.
by The Naked Emperor

IRS Job Listing Requires Use Of Deadly Force Sparking Outrage, Democrats Just Massively Expanded IRS (21:21)
Democrats claim middle and lower income people will not face more audits but this is misleading.
by Timcast

FBI Seizes U.S. Rep Scott Perry’s Cell Phone
Perry (R-PA) was a strong supporter of Trump’s election integrity efforts in 2020
A day after the Biden FBI conducted a raid on former President Trump’s Mar-A-Lago estate, the bureau has seized a cell phone belonging to U.S. Rep. Scott Perry (R-PA). Perry was a leading figure in Trump’s election integrity efforts in Pennsylvania. While traveling with his family on Tuesday, Scott Perry was approached by three FBI agents who presented him with a warrant and seized his cell phone. “This morning, while traveling with my family, 3 FBI agents visited me and seized my cell phone. They made no attempt to contact my lawyer, who would have made arrangements for them to have my phone if that was their wish. I’m outraged — though not surprised — that the FBI under the direction of Merrick Garland’s DOJ, would seize the phone of a sitting Member of Congress,” Perry told Fox News in a statement. “My phone contains info about my legislative and political activities, and personal/private discussions with my wife, family, constituents, and friends. None of this is the government’s business.”
by Cullen McCue

Betsy Ross Flag Essential T-Shirt
An adaptation of Betsy Ross and friends creating the first official American flag
The Betsy Ross flag is now a symbol for domestic terrorists. The FBI says it is, and it made their list of dangerous images. Who are these people, and who are they serving and protecting? The FBI, along with the IRS (87,000 new workers ) are the real domestic terrorists. They are coming for YOU!
by ArtToons

Davos Plans To Starve A Billion People To Death
I don’t see how we could possibly be stupider here in the West unless we took courses in stupidity. Jordan Peterson.
The following are some quotes from a recent Jordan Peterson video: The World Economic Forum at Davos says 1.2 billion people will be forced to migrate. Lara Logan The WEF (World Economic Forum) wants to build a tri-state “Smart City” out of farm land taken from the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany to be populated by tens of millions of immigrants from around the world. Michael Yon One billion people will starve to death by 2025. Michael Yon Kill a billion people and force another billion to migrate from their homes in the Third World knowing that the lack of food combined with massive migration will lead to a pandemic. Perhaps, even the one that Bill Gates predicted. In their discussion Peterson and Yon lay much of the blame for the coming mass starvation and mass migration to Neo-Liberal fantasies about climate, carbon dioxide and nitrogen. They did heatedly discuss Mark Rutte and his war against Dutch farmers.
by Video Rebel

European Companies Interested In Doing Business With Russia Via Turkey
Metallurgic companies in the EU are reportedly looking to bypass western sanctions by selling products to Moscow with Ankara as the middleman
European businesses are reportedly inquiring with Turkish companies about supplying Russia with metals via Turkey, as a way to overcome western sanctions. According to the head of a Turkish industry group that spoke with Reuters, demand from Moscow for Turkish products it could no longer source from Europe has increased over recent months. European groups have also expressed interest in supplying Russia, using Turkey as a middleman.
“What [Russia] cannot buy from Germany, Italy, and France, they are buying from us. Separately, a lot of EU companies are planning to sell their products to Russia via Turkey,” Cetin Tecdelioglu, head of the Istanbul Ferrous and Non-Ferrous Metals Exporters’ Association (IDDMIB), told reporters last week. “[The EU companies] want to use Turkey as a warehouse and bridge, while Russia wants supply from Turkey,” he added. Turkey’s ferrous and non-ferrous metal exports to Russia rose by 26 percent since last year, reaching $170 million by 8 August.
by News Desk

Traces Of 2010 Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill Are Still Detectable In 2020
Small amounts of highly weathered oil residues from the 2010 Deepwater Horizon disaster were still present in the surroundings ten years later, shows a new report. Crude oil is a complex mixture with many components that undergo chemical reactions in the environment. These transformed chemicals, as well as longer persisting oil products, can impact local ecosystems and a better understanding of the fates of these molecules can help future cleanup efforts. The oil spilled during the Deepwater Horizon disaster in 2010 was largely transformed by the end of that summer, reports a new study in Frontiers in Marine Science. But some small quantities of chemical residues still persisted in the environment even ten years later. This latest study follows the varied fates of the leaked petroleum components, providing important insights for future spills and cleanup efforts.
by Frontiers

Las Vegas Shop Owner Stabs Would-Be Thief Multiple Times (0:51)

Las Vegas Shop Owner Stabs Would-Be Thief Multiple Times (0:51)

Russia-Turkey Reset Eases Regional Tensions
The 4-hour meeting on Friday at Sochi between President Vladimir Putin and President Recep Erdogan promises to be a defining moment in regional politics. The single biggest takeaway from the Sochi meet is, of course, the “win-win” economic partnership between Russia and Turkey that helps Russia, on the one hand, to continue to interact with the world market circumventing Western sanctions, while, on the other hand, is a boon for the Turkish economy.
Turkey is a member of the European Uinion’s Customs Union and it is no secret that there is a lot of Russian money floating around in the wake of the western sanctions. If that money can be turned into investments in Turkey to set up production units with western technology and market access, creating jobs and revving up the country’s economy, it is a “win-win”. This is one thing.
At Sochi, Putin and Erdogan agreed on phasing out the use of dollar in their transactions. Part of Turkey’s purchase of Russian gas will be settled in rubles, which will of course strengthen the Russian currency. Equally, Sochi meeting tasked 5 Turkish banks to accept Russia’s Mir payment system, which Moscow developed following Russia’s exclusion from the SWIFT.
by M. K. Bhadrakumar

Hong Kong Vaccine Passport Update Now Connects All Checkpoint Data To Centralized Government Server
New privacy concerns.
The Hong Kong government will now require premises that are forced to check vaccination status, like restaurants, to have an internet connection. The premises have two weeks to update their QR Code Verification Scanners to make sure it can connect to the internet, according to Deputy Government Chief Information Officer Tony Wong. “During this [updating] process, premises can first use visual inspection to see if people present an amber health code for scanning, or even whether there are people holding a red health code. But of course, the main responsibility falls on the visitors themselves,” he said. Wong added that even after the update, the QR code scanner can still check for someone’s vaccination status even when they have a hard copy QR code or do not have the latest version of the city’s Covid tracking app LeaveHomeSafe.
by Will Henney

Russia Holds Israel Responsible For Latest Offensive Against Gaza
Russia blames Israel for the latest three-day military offensive against the Palestinians in the Gaza Strip, the Foreign Ministry in Moscow has announced. “The new escalation was caused by the Israeli army firing into the Gaza Strip on 5 August,” said ministry spokesperson Maria Zakharova. She pointed out that the Palestinian factions responded to this escalation by firing rockets indiscriminately towards Israeli territory.
“We are observing with profound worry how events are evolving,” added Zakharova. “The resumption of a full-scale military confrontation [would see the] already deplorable humanitarian situation in Gaza deteriorate further.”
The ministry official reaffirmed Russia’s “principled and consistent position, reflected in the relevant resolutions of the UN General Assembly and the Security Council, in support of a comprehensive and long-term settlement of the Palestinian-Israeli conflict in accordance with the two-state principle.

Aussie Doctor Risks Medical License To Tell The Truth About COVID Vaccine Injuries And Deaths: Crashes AMA Meeting Confronting Top Chief Medical Officer
A doctor in Queensland, Australia has put his license to practice medicine on the line to bring his message of COVID-19 vaccine and injuries and deaths, and the “gaslighting” of patients and doctors who try to expose how deadly these shots are, to the public. He received corporate media attention recently when he crashed a meeting of the Australian Medical Association (AMA) calling out the country’s chief medical officer, Paul Kelly, while stunned doctors watched on. Dr. Bay recently recorded a video message where he apologized to his patients and the public for initially giving in to fear over potentially losing his job, and for not speaking out sooner. I have put together a video report with his message, the self-recording of his rant at the AMA, and an interview he did with Zeee Media recently explaining why he is now risking his career to bring this truth to the public.
by Brian Shilhavy

No Term, “Holocaust” Until 1978, Thus No Holocaust (12:16)
The Term Never Existed On The World Scene Until 1978 (The Book, “The Holocaust” By Gerald Green, Made Into A TV Mini Series – The Same Year.
by Jim Rizoli

Which Country Is The Greatest Threat To World Peace?
The map shows the results of 2013 (pre-Trump) WIN/Gallup International survey asking people which country they felt was the greatest threat to world peace. Due to recent Washington-inspired conflicts those who consider the US the main threat to world peace have likely soared further. The United States was the overwhelming choice (24% of respondents) for the country that represents the greatest threat to peace in the world today. This was followed by Pakistan (8%), China (6%), North Korea, Israel and Iran (5%). Respondents in Russia (54%), China (49%) and Bosnia (49%) were the most fearful of the US as a threat. Interestingly, Iran was seen as the biggest threat by Americans, Canadians and Brits, but Australians viewed the United States as the biggest threat.
by Michael Walsh

Revealed: Documents Show Collusion Between The CDC And Big Tech
A freedom of information request has provided the evidence
A number of documents described as “the tip of the iceberg” have been made public, revealing communications between private tech giants and the US administration bodies, aimed at closely coordinating censorship of Covid topics on social media. This was announced on Wednesday by America First Legal (AFL) nonprofit, which obtained the documents thanks to a lawsuit filed against the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). The legal action came after a failed attempt to, through Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests, learn about the level of the involvement of the White House in this type of censorship. The communications are interpreted as providing yet another piece of evidence of coordination, or even collusion, between US authorities and Google, Twitter, and Facebook.
by GMI Reporter

Sicko Gender Clinics, Puberty Blockers
The UK Daily Mail has the story. It illustrates the reality on the ground. “This could become the biggest medical scandal of the century, argues SUE REID” Here are key excerpts: “The closure next spring of the NHS’s [National Health Service’s] only gender identity clinic for children [Tavistock Clinic] is a vital and long overdue step in righting the wrongs of what could perhaps be the biggest medical scandal this century – the routine use of puberty-blocking drugs on children.”
“These powerful drugs can endanger fertility and open up the possibility of brutal surgery to reassign sex organs. Yet in this country, they have been given to those as young as ten.” “Other countries have banned their use in children. Sweden curtailed the use of blockers among under-18s last year, with a leading Stockholm paediatrician saying they ‘chemically castrate’ children, causing problems with mental health.” “France has stopped them, too. Its top medical academy blames a social media frenzy for fueling demand among teenagers, particularly girls, for the drugs from doctors.”
Who ARE these psychopathic doctors who carry out the horrific medical experiments on children? The answer is simple: They’re psychopaths. [I emailed Jon: One little thing you forgot to mention, they are overwhelming Jewish doctors.]
by Jon Rappoport

“The Mainstream Media Is Not Your Friend. The Culture Is Not Your Friend. The Government Is Not Your Friend. Big Business Is Not Your Friend.” (0:21)
by Russell Brand

US Foreign Arms Sales Spike To Nearly $20 Billion In The Dog Days Of Summer
Between July 15 and August 2, Washington signed off on billions of dollars worth of military deals, over a third of which went to autocracies.
Much of the Beltway has been on vacation in recent weeks, doing anything they can to get away from the sweltering DC sun. But while wonks cooled down, U.S. arms sales to foreign countries heated up, with the State Department approving almost $20 billion worth of deals in little more than two weeks – that is, more than $1 billion in military sales per day.
One third of those sales went to Middle East autocracies, highlighting the contradictions of President Joe Biden’s avowed commitment to democracy promotion. As Lauren Woods of the Center for International Policy noted in War on the Rocks, these deals were likely years in the making, with Biden ultimately giving them “??the green light to continue.”
“[A]lthough initially signaling a slowdown, this administration now resembles every other recent administration in terms of volume and value of arms sales,” Woods wrote, noting that the United States is by far the world’s leading exporter of weapons. “And this is true for countries with poor human rights records as well.”
by Connor Echols

The Russian Navy’s Great Game
No matter what firepower NATO’s navies can bring to bear in Russia’s eastern backyard, they cannot prevail.
When Russia’s navy recalls both the Anglo-German naval arms race, which helped precipitate the Great War and the Great Game Tzarist Russia played in Asia against Britain, they must feel confident about the future. Russian President Putin no doubt had those precedents in mind when he recently told Russia’s admirals that Russia’s already formidable navy would be expanded to protect her entire coastline and project power from there to wherever it is needed. Although the Norwegian, Barents, Kara, Laptev, East Siberian, Chukchi, Bering, Okhotsk and Japan Seas add up to a lot of water, Russia, with the right tactics, is more than up to the job of protecting her coastlines and projecting power from them.
Not only would most of those seas be terrible vectors for any hostile power attacking Russia but NATO’s posturing towards North Korea and China has made the defensive job of the Russian navy infinitely easier. Instead of just concentrating on tweaking the tail of the Russian tiger, NATO got the brainwave of sending Nancy Pelosi to Taiwan to antagonize the entire Chinese navy. Although that is good news for NATO’s arms industry and for whoever else is in on Pelosi’s latest short trading Wall Street scam, it does indicate a major shift in the world’s strategic goalposts because-China, with Iran’s impressive navy, is now solidly and permanently in Russia’s camp. No more divide and conquer NATO games there.
by Declan Hayes

Ukraine Military Summary And Analysis August 9 by Military Summary (19:25)

Ukraine Military Summary And Analysis August 9 by Military Summary (19:25)

There’s Something Very Strange About The Obama Family That Will Never See The Light Of Day From The Mainstream Media – What Do You Think About These Bizarre Oddities?
Michael LaVaughn Robinson was born January 17th 1964 and Michelle LaVaughn Robinson was also born on that same day in Chicago, Illinois and Michelle’s mother was Marion Shields Robinson and her farther was Frazer Robinson III. By some odd coincidence that is the same names of Michael’s parents; the father being, as a former staff of Michelle’s reportedly said, “He was the second son born to Fraser Robinson III, a well known cocaine dealer and union thug for Crime Lord/Mayor Richard J. Daley, and Marian Shields Robinson, a transient street prostitute who was diagnosed with the HIV virus in 1998. He was a popular high school athlete and in 1982, he accepted a scholarship to play middle linebacker for the Oregon State Beavers.
by Alan Barton

August 9, 2022

“The government is merely a servant – merely a temporary servant;
it cannot be its prerogative to determine what is right and what is wrong,
and decide who is a patriot and who isn’t. Its function is to obey orders, not originate them.”
Mark Twain

Journalism Archive With 2,975 Posts

Biden Says He’s ‘Proud’ Of US Support For Israel After Gaza Bombardment Kills 45, Including 16 Children
Israeli PM Lapid says Israel will ‘not apologize’ for ‘defending itself’
President Biden released a statement on Sunday night after a ceasefire was announced for Gaza following a three-day Israeli bombing campaign, which left at least 45 Palestinians dead, including 16 children. The bombing campaign started on Friday when Israel targeted a leader of the Palestinian group Islamic Jihad in Gaza. The initial strike killed an Islamic Jihad leader, as well as a five-year-old girl, a 23-year-old woman, and seven other Palestinian men. “My support for Israel’s security is long-standing and unwavering – including its right to defend itself against attacks. Over these recent days, Israel has defended its people from indiscriminate rocket attacks launched by the terrorist group Palestinian Islamic Jihad,” Biden said.
by Dave DeCamp

Digital ID Tyranny Is Being Rolled Out Across The World
New biometrics identity credentials have been proposed or launched around the world as government digital identity schemes continue to roll out. Previously we wrote about the program Mastercard launched for retailers to use biometric payment methods, like facial recognition and fingerprint scanning. As of May, the program had already gone live in five grocery stores in Sao Paulo, Brazil, with more trials planned for Asia and the Middle East. Mastercard said it planned to roll it out globally later this year. But it’s not only private companies dictating we use the technology they’ll use to track, trace and control us. From Australia to the Maldives to Uganda, governments are rolling out the WEF / UN digital IDs to usher in a global digitised police state. A state which will police every aspect of our lives.
by Rhoda Wilson

The Gringos Are Coming!
In search of imaginary conversations and drugs, south of the border.
The United States is a failed state I keep telling myself on the flight south. A dozen calls to doctors and urgent care clinics for a simple refill of a medication prescribed in Poland, with a letter from a Polish doctor and not a single place in a large American city would oblige, even with travel insurance so they can overcharge the insurance company as many of those clinics do.
It’s not a matter of life and death, and it’s no great emergency, but it is a matter of liberty and common decency. How many scripts of Ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquine were denied by pharmacies over the past two years? How many doctors refused to even write a prescription for either drug at the request of their regular patients because the FDA told them they must let them die instead?
At almost every pharmacy I see boxes of both drugs available in Mexico, where they just give it to you if you put some pesos on their counter. No need to beg American assholes in white coats for permission to ingest what you want. American bodies now belong to the CDC, NIH, FDA, and the corporate death-accelerator industry. No amount of pesos will change that.
by Good Citizen

ACH (1872) Mallificus Scott – The Limeys #81 – The 2008 Plan To Ban Conspiracy Theories And Its Influence Today… (Audio 1:28:27)
In today’s show originally broadcast on August 8, 2022, Andy presents “The Limeys” with his co-host Mallificus Scott for a show entitled, “The 2008 Plan To Ban Conspiracy Theories And Its Influence Today…”
We discussed: the Brian Johnston clip we played during the show intro segment; the state of the sky these days; Mallificus’ back story to today’s show image; how the powers that should not be target our God given right to free speech; proof that there are now plans to regulate the level to which you can heat your home via so-called smart meters; why it’s not about your health, it’s about control; the movies of David Lynch; the recovery of Dennis Hopper; Thomas Achord’s article “The Christian Quest” which was sent to me by Andrew Torba, the CEO of Gab.com; how we are now up to 2,226 deaths and 460,533 people injured from the vaccines according to figures off the UK Government website; Mallificus’ news on “The Great Distraction”; why television licence fees are being scrapped; the American couple who have been accused of making child porn with their adopted children; the top ten best and worst songs to play your dog in the car; the Jewish News Article “OPINION: Latest Antisemitism Figures Are A Reason To Be Cheerful Not Fearful”; Mallificus’ news roundup of the week; and many other topics.
by Andrew Carrington Hitchcock

As A Citizen Of Florida Ron DeSantis Calls FBI Mar-A-Lago Raid “Another Escalatio
At times of greatest consequence, the legacy of leadership becomes important.
Florida Governor Ron DeSantis doesn’t use his official office account to release a statement on the FBI raid in Mar-a-Lago, that likely required a joint cooperative task force response from the state, as customary for fulfilment of a federal warrant upon a Florida citizen. Instead, Florida Governor DeSantis issues a tweet from his personal account noting the action was yet “another escalation in the weaponization of federal agencies.” Oh well, that’s a relief, heavy sigh, as long as it’s just “another escalation”….
Quick pivot right to the whataboutism politics DC is famous for… “while people like Hunter Biden get treated with kid gloves”, and “IRS agents,” etc. You see, this is what DC does to bang the pots and pans loudly in the UniParty kitchen. As a congressional representative, Ron DeSantis learned the chaff and countermeasures well. Actually challenge the federal government? No way. Not gonna happen. Meanwhile, compare the response from future Arizona Governor Kari Lake:
by Sundance

Russian Military Comments On Blasts In Crimea
Explosions at the Saki airfield were caused by the detonation of aviation munitions, defense ministry has claimed
Russia’s Defense Ministry has released an official statement on the explosions at the Saki military airfield on the Crimean Peninsula, explaining that the incident was caused by the detonation of aviation munitions stored at the site. The blasts occurred near the city of Novofedorovka on Tuesday afternoon, with locals reporting hearing several explosions coming from the airfield and sharing videos online showing smoke coming from the area. According to eyewitnesses, the blasts had knocked out the windows in houses near the airfield. Moscow has stated that no one has been injured in the explosion and that none of the aviation equipment at the airfield was damaged by the blasts.
by RT

CIA Pivots From ‘War On Terror’ To Countering China: Report
The US spy agency says that, while ‘counterterrorism’ efforts will continue in West Asia, their top priority is now to counter Beijing and Moscow
The deputy director of the CIA revealed during a recent closed-door meeting that, while the agency plans to continue “fighting extremist groups” in West Asia, their money and resources would pivot towards countering the rise of China. According to a report by AP, during a meeting several weeks ago, Deputy CIA Director David Cohen made it clear that the spy agency’s “top priority is trying to better understand and counter Beijing.” “Congress has pushed the CIA and other intelligence agencies to make China a top priority … Pushing resources toward China has required cuts elsewhere, including in counterterrorism,” several officials familiar with the matter told AP on condition of anonymity. “Inside the agency, many officers are learning Chinese and moving into new roles focused on China,” the report goes on to add.
by News Desk

Denmark Bans Covid Vaccine For Youth Under 18
Those wanting their first shot were cut off after July 1, and no one in the age group — aside from those who are considered “high risk” and have a doctor’s note — will be allowed to get a second shot after September 1. “Children and adolescents only very rarely become seriously ill from COVID-19 with the omicron variant. Therefore, from July 1, 2022, it will no longer be possible for children and adolescents under the age of 18 to get the 1st [shot], and from September 1, 2022, it will no longer be possible to get the 2nd [shot],” reads a government statement. [translated from Danish] While many are likely relieved because it means that vaccine mandates won’t be coming back to school, few have followed Denmark’s lead, and if the science is universal, it’s a wonder why they haven’t.
by Mike Campbell

Australia’s Central Bank Working With BIS To Launch Digital Currency System
Australia’s Reserve Bank is launching a pilot program over the course of the next year in collaboration with the Bank for International Settlements (the central bank of central banks) to test the “benefits” of a blockchain ledger based digital currency system. The central bank is added to a long list of participants in BIS efforts to introduce CBDCs (central bank digital currencies) with the target goal of launching them globally by 2025-2030.
It’s important to note that substantial economic changes would have to occur within the next few years in order to make CBDC a viable option for the general public. Though many people use electronic transactions as a matter of convenience, a large portion of the population still prefers cash. In the US, surveys within the last few years show that at least 37% of Americans still choose cash over other methods of payment like credit and debit cards. In Australia, the number stands at around 32%.
by Tyler Durden

Russia Awaits US Reaction To Suspension Of New START Treaty, Foreign Ministry Says
UNITED NATIONS (Sputnik) – Russia is awaiting the US reaction in response to the suspension of New START Treaty inspections but does not expect it to come right away, Russian Foreign Ministry Nonproliferation and Arms Control Department Deputy Director Igor Vishnevetsky told journalists on Tuesday. “Now there will be mutual discussions, after which some kind of reaction from the United States will follow. I don’t think it will happen very quickly, they will need to study everything thoroughly and understand what they want to do next,” Vishnevetsky said.
Vishnevetsky went on to say that this was a “technical issue.” Thus, before discussing the issue widely and publicly, it needs to be considered by specialists with expertise related to inspections.
“There are many nuances there,” Vishnevetsky added. “This is the subject of what our experts will talk about with the Americans.”
The diplomat pointed out that from a legal point of view, Moscow’s position is completely legitimate. And although such an action is taking place for the first time, Russia has exercised its “right under the treaty,” Vishnevetsky stressed. He then elaborated by noting that the root of the problem is that Russian inspectors cannot fly through Europe, as they are blocked from obtaining transit visas and Russian planes are not allowed to travel in European airspace.
by Kirill Kurevlev

Trump Raid, Biden DOJ Crosses The Rubicon With Robert Barnes (2:26:42)
by The Duran

A Question And Answer Document On The Subject Of VAERS As A Pharmacovigilance Tool.
Feel free to print and use.
Dr. Jessica Rose – A short Q and A – August 9, 2022
“Are the COVID vaccines causing injuries, what kinds, and how do we know?”
Yes. Any human physiological system that you can name, able to be affected in an injurious way, is being affected in an injurious way in a percentage of individuals. We know because VAERS – a pharmacovigilance tool – currently has an extraordinarily high number and range of adverse event reports in the context of the COVID-19 injectable products. We also know because the Yellowcard and EUDRA adverse event (AE) data collection systems are reporting the same things.[1]
Jessica Rose

COVID Vaccine Test Animals Were All Killed Shortly After Vaccination
Can’t Find SAFETY CONCERNS If All Animals Are Destroyed
A fact check, promoted by Twitter, attracted my attention. It said that there were NO SAFETY CONCERNS found in animal tests and trials of Covid vaccines: I felt like I had to take a closer look. And I found something. The fact check, fortunately, mentions three animal studies – one for each COVID vaccine – and I read each one closely. It turned out that in all three studies, experimenters killed the test animals shortly after vaccination and the subsequent challenge of animals with Sars-Cov-2. They killed them so as to make it impossible to find “safety signals” that arise in vaccinated beings post-vaccination in the long run.
This means, with all test animals dead, the scientists could not find out whether these animals could actually reproduce, whether these animals had shortened lifespans, what happens to the test animals upon COVID reinfections, whether the test animals would be more likely to have cancers or other immune-mediated diseases, and whether the test animals were more likely to suffer from other species-specific illnesses.
It is very convenient to kill test animals, because this way, vaccine companies could report that “they identified no safety concerns” – and it is kind of truthful! There are no safety concerns with dead animals!
by Igor Chudov

Missouri And Louisiana Attorneys General Sue The Biden Administration Over Free Speech
Brownstone Institute has repeatedly reported on the unholy alliance between the administrative state and Big Tech with the censorious results of free speech suppression. We’ve published a full articles of inquiry as a template for further investigation into these unprecedented actions.
The cooperation between these people during the pandemic response became intense and pervasive. This model is being deployed in other areas too, with a symbiotic relationship between power centers that ends in suppressing dissent. This is contrary to the First Amendment.
The state attorneys general of Missouri and Louisiana have filed suit against the Biden administration. Among the plaintiffs are Brownstone Senior Scholars Martin Kulldorff, Jay Bhattacharya, and Aaron Kheriaty who have experienced this censorship first hand. The case is joined by the New Civil Liberties Alliance and filed in the US District Court for the Western District of Louisiana Monroe Division.
by Brownstone Institute

Alarming New Evidence Suggests Monkeypox Is Cover-Up For Covid Jab-Induced Adverse Effect
Can you imagine a dystopian world in which zoonotic viruses are used to conceal problems resulting from vaxing people against highly survivable communicable diseases? Take a moment to consider a world where such injections are necessary for employment, education, and other social participation. It appears as though this dystopian reality has quickly become the world we live in. New evidence makes it appear as though monkeypox is a cover-up for immune deficiency syndrome resulting from the jab. If the evidence proves accurate, the histrionics concerning monkeypox are unjustified as this isn’t the first monkeypox virus to spread across first-world nations. Rather, it appears as though we are viewing a cover-up of damage inflicted on the immune systems of those who were provided with the coronavirus vax. This damage may be extensive to the point that it resembles Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome.
by Patrick Tims

In Simulation Of How Water Freezes, Artificial Intelligence Breaks The Ice
A team based at Princeton University has accurately simulated the initial steps of ice formation by applying artificial intelligence (AI) to solving equations that govern the quantum behavior of individual atoms and molecules. The resulting simulation describes how water molecules transition into solid ice with quantum accuracy. This level of accuracy, once thought unreachable due to the amount of computing power it would require, became possible when the researchers incorporated deep neural networks, a form of artificial intelligence, into their methods. The study was published in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.
by Princeton University

Brazil: When Police Don’t Do Their Job, People Will (1:41)

Brazil: When Police Don’t Do Their Job, People Will (1:41)

There Is No Food Crisis – If Only We Stopped Burning It As ‘Green’ Biofuel
We’ve all been bombarded daily with horror stories about how food prices are being forced up and hundreds of millions of the world’s poorest risk starvation because the Russian invasion of Ukraine has prevented exports of grain and sunflower oil. Well, let me give you some figures our politicians and the mainstream media don’t want to mention. They don’t mention these figures because these figures undermine the disastrous global-warming, climate-catastrophist, Net-Zero policies being forced on us by our rulers.
The U.S. produces abut 384 million metric tonnes of corn each year and around 50 million tonnes of wheat. Ukraine produces about 38 million tonnes of corn each year and around 33 million tonnes of wheat. Around 20 million tonnes of Ukraine’s wheat is exported each year. Conclusion 1: The U.S. produces an awful lot more food than Ukraine. But let’s look at how all the USA’s corn and wheat is actually used. Over a third of the USA’s corn – that’s more than 128 million tonnes of the USA’s corn production – is used to make biofuels rather than being used for human consumption.
It’s more difficult to find out how much of the U.S.’s 38 million tonnes of wheat is used for biofuels, but it may be as much as a quarter. However, we do know that in the European Union, 12 million tonnes of grain, including wheat and maize, is turned into ethanol – around 7% of the bloc’s production. It’s estimated that this is enough food to feed around 150 million people if it wasn’t being used for transport fuel.
by David Craig

Pfizer Spends $5.4 Billion Cash To Purchase Company That Specializes In Treatment Of Blood Disorders
Thinking about it, this certainly does appear to be a purchase based on self-interest. The company that manufactured a product, potentially creating long-term issues with blood disorders (ie clotting), now purchases the company that specializes in the treatment of blood disorders. Am I the only one that sees this as sketchy? August 8 (Reuters) – Pfizer Inc on Monday agreed to pay $5.4 billion in cash for Global Blood Therapeutics (GBT.O), as it looks to capitalize on a surge in revenue from its COVID-19 vaccine and treatment.
Pfizer will pay $68.50 per GBT share, which represents a 7.3% premium to its Friday closing price. The deal is at a more than 40% premium where GBT was trading before the Wall Street Journal reported that Pfizer was in advanced talks to buy it on Thursday.
Pfizer’s 2021 revenue of $81.3 billion was nearly double the mark from the previous year, due to COVID-19 vaccine sales. With the addition of its COVID-19 antiviral pill Paxlovid, Pfizer is expected to generate around $100 billion in revenue this year, but sales from both products are expected to decline going forward.
Pfizer has been on the lookout for acquisitions that could bring in billions in annual sales by the end of the decade.
by Sundance

Chemical Imbalance Not A Major Cause Of Depression, Studies Find
A new study published recently in the Journal of Molecular Psychiatry questions the hypothesis that serotonin inhibition is the cause of most depression disorders. About 21 million Americans are affected by major depressive disorder with one in six Americans taking antidepressant medication.1 2 3
The serotonin theory of depression came about in the 1950’s when researchers found that the drug, iproniazid, which was used for the treatment of tuberculosis, helped alleviate depressive symptoms in patients.4 Iproniazid inhibits the monoamine oxidase enzyme (MAOI), which recycles the monoamine neurotransmitters, serotonin, norepinephrine and dopamine.5 This discovery led to the theory that depressed individuals have lower levels of monoamine neurotransmitters.
In 1965, psychiatrist Joseph Schildkraut, MD suggested that low levels of norepinephrine was the catalyst behind depression. Researchers then changed the focus to another neurotransmitter, serotonin, as the cause of depression.6
by Carolyn Hendler, JD

The Hidden Truth About The War In Ukraine
The cultural and historical elements that determine the relations between Russia and Ukraine are important. The two countries have a long, rich, diverse, and eventful history together.
This would be essential if the crisis we are experiencing today were rooted in history. However, it is a product of the present. The war we see today does not come from our great-grandparents, our grandparents or even our parents. It comes from us. We created this crisis. We created every piece and every mechanism. We have only exploited existing dynamics and exploited Ukraine to satisfy an old dream: to try to bring down Russia. Chrystia Freeland’s, Antony Blinken’s, Victoria Nuland’s and Olaf Scholz’s grandfathers had that dream; we realized it.
The way we understand crises determines the way we solve them. Cheating with the facts leads to disaster. This is what is happening in Ukraine. In this case the number of issues is so enormous that we will not be able to discuss them here. Let me just focus on some of them.
by Jacques Baud

Trump, Mar-A-Lago Raid. CBS Weapons Story Retracted. 3D Elensky, Ban Russians Everywhere. (43:03)
by Alex Christoforou

Nation Wishes There Were Some Word To Describe Adults Who Isolate And Condition Children For Sexual Activity
U.S. — With the growing prevalence of teachers isolating and conditioning children for sexual activity, the nation is wishing there was some word they could use to describe people who isolate and condition children for sexual activity.
“I just wish there was a more succinct way to put it,” said one Dad whose two daughters were recently transitioned to boys by their teachers without his knowledge. “What do you call it when someone isolates a child from her parents in order to have inappropriate and secret sexual conversations for the purpose of desensitizing them to sexual activity so they can be easily exploited by predators and gender theory extremists? Is there a word for that?
“Gee, I dunno. Loomer? Boomer? No, that’s already taken.”
by BabylonBee.com

Silent Weapons For Quiet Wars
It is patently impossible to discuss social engineering or the automation of a society, i.e., the engineering of social automation systems (silent weapons) on a national or worldwide scale without implying extensive objectives of social control and destruction of human life, i.e., slavery and genocide.
This manual is in itself an analog declaration of intent. Such a writing must be secured from public scrutiny. Otherwise, it might be recognized as a technically formal declaration of domestic war. Furthermore, whenever any person or group of persons in a position of great power and without full knowledge and consent of the public, uses such knowledge and methodologies for economic conquest – it must be understood that a state of domestic warfare exists between said person or group of persons and the public.
The solution of today’s problems requires an approach which is ruthlessly candid, with no agonizing over religious, moral or cultural values.
You have qualified for this project because of your ability to look at human society with cold objectivity, and yet analyze and discuss your observations and conclusions with others of similar intellectual capacity without the loss of discretion or humility. Such virtues are exercised in your own best interest. Do not deviate from them.

Silent Weapons For Quiet Wars Essential T-Shirt
Truth is called a conspiracy theory and lies are called truth.
This is the kind of world we are now living in.
Look up a document called “Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars” and you will understand what is happening today.
Designed and sold by EyeMagined

it is a privilege to care about inflation!
you all have no idea how lucky you are!
you think you’ve seen “peak out of touch.” but you haven’t. there is always more. always. i see we have reached the “rich black women accusing people who can no longer afford to make ends meet of white privilege” stage of ideological implosion. because, as we all know, anyone who complains about the mess we made and the ruin in which we have left their lives and livelihoods is a white supremacist, a fascist, and probably a terrorist. this is an entirely hallucinatory landscape. there is no terrain, just map. perhaps there never was. and the current evolution of doubling down is making it entirely clear.
by el gato malo

Part 2: The Steve Kirsch Debate On The Existence Of The Virus
Doing revolutionary science
I’m moving on from Part 1 into a completely different area. There is lab work in the sciences that crucially affects populations. Two examples: virologists claiming they’ve isolated SARS-CoV-2; and researchers deciding they’ve found a way to adapt RNA technology to produce a COVID vaccine. In the first case, the purported discovery of SARS-CoV-2 enabled the launch of the global pandemic announcement, which eventually led to the lockdowns and the crashing of economies. In the second case, the RNA-vaccine “breakthrough” led to the vaccination of billions of people, and massive numbers of injuries and deaths. These are crucial effects, to say the least. And yet, those on the outside, who have no access to these labs AS THE WORK IS BEING DONE, those who are independent scientists and analysts and can only read the studies once they are published——This is an unconscionable situation, when you stop and think about it. The whole world is changed by the research, but we can’t watch it IN PROGRESS.
by Jon Rappoport

The German Pioneer Who Turned The South American Jungle Into A Cosmopolitan City
From being an important personality in Europe from 1910 to 1914, Adolfo Julio Schwelm embarked on the dream of founding a city in South America. Calling his city Eldorado, he publicised the exotic nirvana in Europe and invited hard-working immigrants who shared his vision to come and populate his blossoming city. He even coaxed the nobility and important personalities to visit him in his colony. Schwelm not only sought economic growth for the city and its inhabitants but also fought for the establishment of cultural order, sponsoring schools, sports clubs, promotion societies, churches and indeed the entire infrastructure, making Eldorado one of the most promising cities of the time.
by Michael Walsh

Dearer Still Is Truth
How many people have been denied the truth because mainstream media journalists at the BBC, Sky, the Guardian, the Mail, the Telegraph, the FT, the Mirror, the radio stations, the rest of the TV stations and the rest of the newspapers have deliberately, cold bloodedly suppressed the truth, spread the government’s lies and demonised the truth tellers?
The inevitable Devi Sridhar wrote an article for The Guardian claiming that covid had killed 200,000 people in Britain. With garbage like that masquerading as evidence what hope is there? If she’d written that 200,000,000 people had died of covid in the UK would the Guardian have printed that? I suspect so. It was a much better paper when they just specialised in misprints. Maybe no one at The Guardian has worked out the difference between ‘of’ and ‘with’ – a difference I’ve been screaming about since the start of this fraud. I’d write an article for them correcting the figures but it would be a waste of time. Newspapers are terrified of truths these days. The truth, of course, is that the official figures show that covid killed no more people than an ordinary annual flu – a fact which didn’t surprise me much since I’ve been describing covid-19 as the rebranded flu for two and a half years now.
by Dr. Vernon Coleman

Judge Who Signed Off On Trump FBI Raid Revealed … Too ‘Unbelievable’ Even For A ‘Movie Script’
The unprecedented FBI raid of former President Donald Trump’s Florida home reeked of corruption from the get-go and any case to the contrary seems highly unlikely after it was revealed that the judge who reportedly signed the search warrant has an unsavory connection to none other than Jeffrey Epstein. To many, the raid heard ’round the world signaled a dark escalation in the culture war heating up the cold tensions permeating American society. The stigmatizing polarization exacerbated by corporate media has fueled the compulsions of progressives to further their agenda at any cost and, in this case, that meant seeking the aid of Florida federal Magistrate Judge Bruce Reinhart who, at best, has a checkered past. Miranda Devine of the New York Post reported her findings Tuesday morning when she identified the most recent search warrant approved from the Southern District of Florida had been signed and sealed by Reinhart on Friday.
by Kevin Haggerty

August 8, 2022

“Treat people as if they were what they should be,
and you help them become what they are capable of becoming.”
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

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Kiev ‘Taking The Whole Of Europe Hostage’ By Striking Zaporozhye Nuclear Power Plant, Moscow Says
The Zaporozhye Nuclear Power Plant has been under the control