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24/7 News September (510 Posts)

October 3 – 9, 2022

“The Money Power preys upon the Nation in times of peace
and conspires against it in the hour of its calamity.
It is more despotic than Monarchy,
more insolent than Aristocracy, more selfish than Bureaucracy.
It accumulates by conscious fraud more money than it can use.
It denounces as public enemies all who question its methods
or throw a light upon its crimes.
It can only be overthrown by the awakened conscience of the Nation.”
William Jennings Bryan, New York Reception, 1906

United States Archive With 3,175 Posts

Western Media Says Russia Blew Up Nord Stream. But Why Would Moscow Destroy Pipelines It Spent Billons Of Dollars Building?
It’s pretty easy to see who benefited from the destruction of the infrastructure, and it’s not state energy giant Gazprom
Several days on from news of the explosions, details surrounding the deliberate sabotage of the two Nord Stream pipelines remain opaque and uncertain, although the Western media is certain of one thing – Moscow itself is to blame. That’s right, writers and editors either believe, or are pretending to believe, that Russia blew up infrastructure that it poured billions of dollars into building. The same country they routinely, and falsely, smear as a “mafia state.” One wonders have they paused to ponder what sort of crime syndicate would destroy one of its chief revenue streams? Especially after spending over €23 billion on building the infrastructure, according to Gazprom’s own statements. That would, of course, require self-awareness. But there’s little time for that when they have propaganda to push. Moscow, as it happens, believes the truth lies elsewhere. As President Vladimir Putin said on Friday, “those who benefit are responsible, of course,” alluding to the involvement of what he called the “Anglo-Saxons.” A Russian turn of phrase which basically means the US and its allies, led by Britain.
by RT

Who Profits From Pipeline Terror?
Secret talks between Russia and Germany to resolve their Nord Stream 1 and 2 issues had to be averted at any cost
The War of Economic Corridors has entered incandescent, uncharted territory: Pipeline Terror. A sophisticated military operation – that required exhaustive planning, possibly involving several actors – blew up four separate sections of the Nord Stream (NS) and Nord Stream 2 (NS2) gas pipelines this week in the shallow waters of the Danish straits, in the Baltic Sea, near the island of Bornholm. Swedish seismologists estimated that the power of the explosions may have reached the equivalent of up to 700 kg of TNT. Both NS and NS2, near the strong currents around Borholm, are placed at the bottom of the sea at a depth of 60 meters.
The pipes are built with steel reinforced concrete, able to withstand impact from aircraft carrier anchors, and are basically indestructible without serious explosive charges. The operation – causing two leaks near Sweden and two near Denmark – would have to be carried out by modified underwater drones.Every crime implies motive. The Russian government wanted – at least up to the sabotage – to sell oil and natural gas to the EU. The notion that Russian intel would destroy Gazprom pipelines is beyond ludicrous. All they had to do was to turn off the valves. NS2 was not even operational, based on a political decision from Berlin. The gas flow in NS was hampered by western sanctions. Moreover, such an act would imply Moscow losing key strategic leverage over the EU.
Diplomatic sources confirm that Berlin and Moscow were involved in a secret negotiation to solve both the NS and NS2 issues. So they had to be stopped – no holds barred. Geopolitically, the entity that had the motive to halt a deal holds anathema a possible alliance in the horizon between Germany, Russia, and China.
by Pepe Escobar

US Is Recalibrating The Power Dynamic In East Mediterranean. Can South Asia Be Far Behind?
A mild flutter ensued after External Affairs Minister S Jaishankar’s recent meeting with his Turkiye counterpart Mevlut Cavusoglu on the sidelines of the UN General Assembly session in New York on September 21 when it came to be known that Cyprus figured in their discussion. Jaishankar highlighted it in a tweet. The Indian media instinctively related this to Turkish President Recep Erdogan making a one-line reference to the Kashmir issue earlier that day in his address to the UN GA. But Jaishankar being a scholar-diplomat, would know that Cyprus issue is in the news cycle and the new cold war conditions breathe fresh life into it, as tensions mount in the Turkish-Greek rivalry, which often draws comparison with the India-Pakistan animosity, stemming from another historical “Partition” — under the Treaty of Lausanne (1923) that ended the Ottoman Empire. The beauty about peace treaties is that they have no ‘expiration date’ but the Treaty of Lausanne was signed for a period of a hundred years between Turkiye on one side and Britain, France, Italy, Greece, and their allies on the other. The approaching date heightens the existential predicament at the heart of Turkiye’s foreign policy.
by M. K. Bhadrakumar

The American Brand: Soon To Be The Most Despised
It has become obvious that the Nord Stream 1 and 2 pipelines were sabotaged by America’s Secret Government. This action was taken to destroy the daily lives of Europeans. The lack of natural gas will reduce the amount of fertilizer available for crops making starvation inevitable for people who thought they were well off and loved by their government. The British and European leadership are slavishly following dictates given to them by the US and the World Economic forum at Davos. They are taking hundreds of thousands of acres of farm land out of production to prevent “Global Warming.” Even Ireland which lost millions of people to famine is telling farmers to cut back on their herds of sheep by 50%. Meanwhile Clayton Morris is telling us that British children are so hungry that they are eating the erasers from their pencils. Britain was already killing the elderly in hospitals by denying them food and water. They are even euthanizing their elderly with drugs that make breathing difficult.
by Video Rebel

US Doesn’t See Ukraine As NATO Ally, But As De Facto Cannon Fodder
Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky announced Friday local time he would pursue fast-track NATO membership, yet the application failed to draw
enthusiasm from the US. US National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan articulated that it was “not the right time” for Ukraine’s admission to the alliance and the application “should be taken up at a different time.” His underlying message was: The US does not need Ukraine as a NATO member, but needs Ukraine, rather than the whole of NATO, to fight against Russia. To make his message clearer, Sullivan continued that he believed the best way to help Ukraine is to provide practical assistance “on the ground.” On Saturday, Zelensky thanked US President Joe Biden for signing a bill that will provide more than $12 billion in additional funding for Ukraine. The US won’t cease sending strategic assistance to Ukraine. But whether or not to soon absorb the country into NATO is another story. The value of Ukraine as a pawn has not yet been fully exploited by the US. Before Russia is exhausted by the war, the US will have no appetite to end the crisis, or stop taking advantage of Ukraine.
by Global Times

Supreme Court To Hear Case Challenging Tech Industry’s Section 230 Immunity
The Supreme Court on Monday agreed to weigh in on whether tech companies should be allowed immunity over ‘problematic’ content posted by users. The case at hand alleges that YouTube aided and abetted the killing of an American in coordinated 2015 terrorist attacks carried out by ISIS, which killed 130 people. The family of one of the victims, Nohemi Gonzalez, has argued that YouTube’s active role in recommending videos overcomes the liability shield for internet companies enacted by Congress in 1996 as part of the Communications Decency Act. Section 230 of that act absolves online platforms of liability from content posted by users – and has come under fire in recent years, with the right claiming that it allows companies to inappropriately censor conservative views, and the left saying it allows social media companies to spread dangerous right-wing wrongthink, CBS News reports.
by Tyler Durden

The Cuban Missile Crisis At 60: Six Timeless Lessons For Arms Control
October marks the 60th anniversary of the most dangerous crisis in recorded history. In October 1962, U.S. President John Kennedy faced off with Soviet leader Nikita Khrushchev in an eyeball to eyeball confrontation, each with his nation’s nuclear arsenal in hand. In the midst of the crisis, in a quiet aside with his brother, Kennedy offered his estimate that the risks of nuclear war were between one in three and even. Nothing that historians have discovered in the decades since has lengthened these odds. Had this crisis ended in nuclear war, hundreds of millions of people in the Soviet Union, the United States, and Europe could have experienced sudden death. As the best documented major crisis in history, in substantial part because Kennedy secretly taped the deliberations in which he and his closest advisers were weighing choices they knew could lead to a catastrophic war, the Cuban missile crisis has become the canonical case study in nuclear statecraft. Over the decades since, key lessons from the crisis have been adapted and applied by the successors of Kennedy and Khrushchev to inform fateful choices. Of the many lessons from this nearly apocalyptic episode, six offer timeless insights for arms control.
by Graham Allison

Credit Suisse Board Meeting (0:35)

Credit Suisse Board Meeting (0:35)

Biden’s Abysmal Response To The Killing Of Shireen Abu Akleh
The administration is signaling that Israel is held to a different, lower standard than anyone else despite their abuses. This is folly.
On May 11, an Israeli soldier killed Palestinian-American journalist Shireen Abu Akleh in Jenin, and months later the perpetrator of this outrageous crime is still no closer to being brought to justice. The need to hold the shooter accountable is clear. A new investigation by the Palestinian human rights organization Al Haq confirmed the findings of multiple reports from the UN, human rights groups, and media outlets earlier in the year, and their investigation shows that Abu Akleh was targeted and killed while clearly wearing a vest identifying her as a member of the press. The report also confirmed that no other shots were fired in the area on that morning except for the bullets coming from the position of Israeli forces, so there was no fighting in the vicinity and no possibility that the shooting occurred in a crossfire. Shireen Abu Akleh was shot at with such precision that there can be no doubt that she was deliberately targeted.
by Daniel Larison

800 Palestinians Held Without Charge In Israel: Rights Group
Israeli prison authorities claim they use administrative detention to disrupt and prevent attacks from ‘militants’ without disclosing ‘sensitive intelligence’
Israeli human rights organization HaMoked revealed on 2 October that Tel Aviv currently has 800 Palestinians in detention without trial and clarified charges, the highest number since 2008. According to the organization, it regularly meets with figures from the Israeli prison authorities who report that 798 Palestinians are currently held in so-called administrative detention, and have been for months. The prisoners are not informed of the details of their charges and are not allowed to access the evidence presented against them. HaMoked reported that the number of administrative detainees has risen this year, as Israel constantly launches night-time raids in the West Bank in response to a series of attacks against Israelis led by Palestinian resistance groups. Israeli prison authorities claim they use administrative detention to disrupt and prevent attacks from “militants” without disclosing “sensitive intelligence.” Palestinians and countless human rights groups insist that placing people in detention without knowledge of their crime is abuse by the Israeli authorities, as it denies freedom without due process.
by News Desk

Girls At Vermont School Banned From Changeroom For Objecting To Presence Of ‘Transgender’ Male Student
Biological males who call themselves female now have more of a claim on being girls than actual girls.
A week ago, I wrote a column for LifeSiteNews on how girls and women are the ignored victims of the transgender movement’s push to permit biological males who identify as women into female-only spaces. Most girls do not want to change in front of biological males. Any sane person can understand why. This is not hard to understand. Girls have reported boys identifying as girls gawping at them, getting aroused in the changeroom, and being made to feel uncomfortable. In response, the adults in charge have told them to shut their mouths and change anyway. There have been dozens of such stories in the last couple of years, but the recent decision of officials at a Vermont high school may be the worst of them. According to members of the Randolph Union High School girls’ volleyball team, a “transgender” student in their locker room made “an inappropriate comment” while they were changing. In response, some of the girls objected to the biological male changing with them. The result? School officials have banned the girls from their own changeroom and have emailed parents to tell them that an investigation is underway to determine whether the “transgender” student has been harassed.
by Jonathon Van Maren

The Narrative That This War Was “Unprovoked” Prevents Peace
Vladimir Putin has approved the annexation of four territories in eastern Ukraine, whose addition to the Russian Federation now await authorization from Russia’s other branches of government. The Zelensky government responded to the move by applying to join NATO, only to be immediately shut down by US and NATO officials. Can’t have sacrificial pawns trying to rise above their station on the grand chessboard, after all. But the empire’s proxy war against Russia continues, and the Ukrainian government has announced its intentions to drive out Russia from all of the Ukrainian territories it has claimed as its own. “For our plans, [Russia’s annexation] doesn’t matter,” Zelensky advisor Mykhailo Podolyak told Politico, adding that Ukraine will “protect our land using all our forces” and “should liberate all its territories.”
by Caitlin Johnstone

State Duma Ratifies Agreements On DPR, LPR, Zaporozhye And Kherson Regions Joining Russia
The ratification comes on the heels of a ceremony in the Kremlin on Friday at which President Vladimir Putin and the leaders of the Donbass republics and the pro-Russian administrators of the Zaporozhye and Kherson regions signed treaties on the regions’ admission into the Russian Federation. The State Duma unanimously ratified treaties on the admission of the Donetsk and Lugansk People’s Republics and the Kherson and Zaporozhye regions into Russia on Monday. “The Russian Federation [now] has 89 constituent entities. We are together,” Duma speaker Vyacheslav Volodin said shortly after the treaties’ ratification. “The entry of [the new territories] is the only way to save millions of lives from the criminal regime in Kiev – to stop the shelling of civilians, the elderly, women, children. To protect their rights to their native language, culture, history, and faith.” The agreements, which were signed in the Kremlin on September 30, now require formal ratification by the Federation House – Russia’s upper house of parliament. The body is expected to consider the matter on Tuesday.
by Ilya Tsukanov

GPs Kill Retail But Hospitals Kill Wholesale
Hospitals are terrible places. People die in them. You should go into hospital only as a last resort. And you should escape the minute you can. As a doctor I am ashamed, saddened and embarrassed to have to tell you this but hospital patients are routinely neglected, humiliated and left in pain. Thousands of patients have died as a result of poor treatment. One independent enquiry documented cases where patients had been left unwashed for up to a month and left without food, drink and medical treatment. The conclusion was that managers had been ‘preoccupied with cost-cutting, targets and processes’ and had lost sight of their basic responsibilities. Astonishingly, none of the responsible managers responsible was taken to court. Nor were any of the doctors and nurses punished.
by Dr. Vernon Coleman

Oxyana by Sean Dunne [2013 Documentary) (1:18:05)
“The launch of OxyContin tablets will be followed by a blizzard of prescriptions that will bury the competition. The prescription blizzard will be so deep, dense, and white.” Richard Sackler

UN Tells WEF How It Partners With Tech Platforms To Promote Narratives
“We own the science, and we think that the world should know it, and the platforms themselves also do” — Melissa Fleming
The World Economic Forum (WEF) held the Sustainable Development Impact Meetings, where unelected groups held a “Tackling Disinformation” panel, with participants including the UN, Brown University, and even CNN. The panel discussed how best to control narratives on issues like climate change and COVID-19. The UN’s Under-Secretary-General for Global Communications, Melissa Fleming, noted that the UN had partnered with Big Tech companies, including Google and TikTok, to control narratives surrounding COVID and climate change. “We own the science, and we think that the world should know it, and the platforms themselves also do,” she said. The UN said it partnered with Google to influence search results on climate change so that narratives from “authoritative” sources would appear at the top of search results. “We partnered with Google,” said Fleming. “For example, if you Google ‘climate change,’ you will, at the top of your search, you will get all kinds of UN resources.
by Christina Maas

Israel Now Using AI Technology To Kill Palestinians
Israel has a long track record of testing weapons technology on Palestinians it rules over in the occupied territories, however, the Israeli military’s latest move has gone on pretty much unnoticed. Israeli AI-powered rifles and crowd control technology is now in action, with potentially lethal consequences. Tensions inside the Israeli occupied West Bank are continuing to escalate, in a year of violence not witnessed inside the territory since 2007. Following a lethal Israeli invasion of Jenin refugee camp, in the north of the West Bank, resulting in 4 Palestinians being killed and 44 injured, Israel’s military seems to have gotten the green-light for even greater horrors. The chief of staff for the Israeli army, Aviv Kohavi, was reported to have permitted the usage of attack drones to launch airstrike assassinations inside the territory, something that had previously only taken place in the Gaza Strip. Even more shocking, in the past weeks, Palestinians have noted another appalling development; Israel is deploying AI-powered guns at checkpoints and on military vehicles. The most prominently reported instance of an AI-rifle system being deployed is the system at an Israeli checkpoint in the city of Al-Khalil (Hebron). The Israeli company, called ‘Smart Shooter’, is responsible for the creation of this new technology, which the Israeli military has claimed was installed in the Shuhada street checkpoint as a prototype for testing purposes.
by Robert Inlakesh

Is The Real Covid Pharmaceutical Bonanza Just Getting Started?
GlaxoSmithKline (GSK), which is not a manufacturer of a Covid vaccine and thus did not benefit from Covid vaccine sales, recently announced second quarter 2022 results that surpassed expectations. This has enabled an upward adjustment in the profit forecast for the full year 2022. The Telegraph reported that GSK shares are up 44% from last spring. Sales of GSK’s shingles vaccine, Shingrix, was the main driver of growth. Shingrix sales more than doubled in the second quarter, being April to June 2022, pushing up total GSK sales by 13%. Shingrix is a relatively new shingles vaccine that my doctor tells me is considered an improvement on Zostervax, the traditional shingles vaccine. However, Shingrix is not cheap. A two dose course in Hong Kong costs £600, in the U.K. £440 and in the U.S. around $300. Allowing for distributor and retail margins, I estimate that GSK’s income would be about one third of the retail price. Let’s assume therefore that GSK earns £150 per two dose course on a worldwide average basis.
by Nicholas Williams

US Helicopters Circled Over Nord Stream For Weeks
More and more disturbing details are coming to light in connection with the bombing of the Nordstream pipeline in the Baltic Sea.
The Arabic news channel Al Mayadeen reported that weeks before the attack, US helicopters were circling over the sea area where the fatal explosions took place on September 26 with a striking frequency. This can be reconstructed using the flight data from the online service “Flightradar24”. According to this, at the beginning of September, just under a month before the attack, a US Navy Sikorsky MH-60R “Seahawk” helicopter was circling for hours on several consecutive days – especially on September 1, 2 and 3 later over the area of the damaged natural gas pipelines not far from the island of Bornholm. According to the aircraft tracking portal, the US helicopter flew from Gdansk to the area where the Nordstream pipelines were several times.
by Free West Media

Jewess UN Official At WEF: “We Own The Science And We Think That The World Should Know It” (0:42)

Jewess UN Official At WEF: “We Own The Science And We Think That The World Should Know It” (0:42)

Mouse Study Suggests Genetics Of Longevity Are Influenced By Both Gender And Age
A team of researchers affiliated with several institutions in Switzerland and the U.S. reports evidence that the genetics of longevity are influenced by both gender and age. In their paper published in the journal Science, the group describes their study of aging in mice and humans. João Pedro de Magalhães, with the University of Birmingham, has published a Perspective piece in the same journal issue outlining the technical challenges to understanding how aging works and the work done by the team on this new effort. Scientists have been studying the aging process for many years but still do not have a good explanation for why organisms age and why some live longer than others. In this new effort, the researchers wondered if something in the genome plays a role in how long a species lives on average.
by Bob Yirka

The Democratic Party, Now The Leading Party Of War
No votes for warhawks, no matter the Party
Last May a remarkable column by Stephen Kinzer appeared in the Boston Globe. It was headlined: “Republicans Return To Their Roots As The Antiwar Party.” More significantly, the subheading ran: “Since the Vietnam era, Americans have come to expect antiwar rhetoric from liberal Democrats. Cancel that.” It began: “With Americans now engulfed in passion for Ukraine, it wasn’t surprising that President Biden proposed sending $33 billion worth of weaponry and other aid to Ukraine’s beleaguered military. Nor was it surprising that Congress raised the number to $40 billion, or that both the Senate and House of Representatives voted overwhelmingly in favor. Hidden within that lopsided vote, though, was a shocker: Every single “no” vote – 11 in the Senate and 57 in the House – came from a Republican. “Since the Vietnam era, Americans have come to expect antiwar rhetoric from liberal Democrats. Cancel that. This month’s votes in Washington signal a dramatic role reversal. Suddenly it is conservative Republicans who oppose US involvement in foreign wars.”
by John V. Walsh

WAFA Documents 26 Israeli Violations Against Palestinian Journalists And Media In September
RAMALLAH, Saturday, October 1, 2022 (WAFA) – The Palestinian News and Information Agency, WAFA, documented 26 Israeli violations against Palestinian journalists and media in the occupied territories during September. It said in its monthly report on Israeli violations against journalists and media outlets published today that the Israeli occupation forces continued to deliberately target Palestinian journalists with an aim to limit their coverage of the Israeli army practices and violations against the defenseless Palestinian citizens. The report said 11 journalists were hurt in September from rubber-coated metal bullets and tear gas canisters fired by soldiers, as well as severe beatings and other attacks. In addition, 13 cases were recorded in which soldiers detained, seized press cards or opened fire at journalists without causing injury, while two cases were documented in which soldiers damaged press equipment and attacked media outlets.

US Government Plans To Develop AI That Can Unmask Anonymous Writers
A writing fingerprint.
The Office of the Director of National Intelligence (ODNI) said that the Intelligence Advanced Projects Activity (IARPA) is working on a program to unmask anonymous writers by using AI to analyze their writing style which is seen as potentially being as unique as a fingerprint. “Humans and machines produce vast amounts of text content every day. Text contains linguistic features that can reveal author identity,” IARPA said. If successful, IARPA believes the Human Interpretable Attribution of Text Using Underlying Structure (HIATUS) program could identify a writer’s style from different samples and modify those patterns to further anonymize the writing. “We have a strong chance of meeting our goals, delivering much-needed capabilities to the Intelligence Community, and substantially expanding our understanding of variation in human language using the latest advances in computational linguistics and deep learning,” said HIATUS program manager Dr. Timothy McKinnon.
by Cindy Harper

Radiation (Ultrasound) Dangers: Jim Rizoli Interviews Jeanice Barcelo (1:02:44)
Great Discussion About The Dangers Of Radiation Particularly Ultrasound For The Preborn

Nord Stream Explosions Are A ‘Tremendous Opportunity’ – US
Washington can now step in as Europe’s top supplier of LNG, the Biden administration explained
The US views the sabotage of the Nord Stream gas pipelines as a “tremendous opportunity” to wean EU states off Russian energy, Secretary of State Antony Blinken told reporters on Friday. With winter approaching, Blinken said that the US wants the bloc to use less fuel. Washington has for years been trying to convince EU leaders to swap Russian gas for its LNG. The severity of the damage to the undersea conduits now means that the bloc is “indefinitely deprived” of Russian gas via this route, Russian energy operator Gazprom stated on Friday. Speaking to reporters in Washington, Blinken boasted that the US is now “the leading supplier of [liquefied natural gas] to Europe.” In addition to shipping its own fuel to Europe, Blinken said that the US is working with European leaders to find ways to “decrease demand” and “speed up the transition to renewables.” “It’s a tremendous opportunity to once and for all remove the dependence on Russian energy and thus to take away from [Russian President] Vladimir Putin the weaponization of energy as a means of advancing his imperial designs,” Blinken declared.
by RT

Jewish Ritual Murder (Books)
The Barnes Review History Magazine Now Carries A Nine-Book Series

Europe Suffers, But Continues To Impose Sanctions As America Profits
The introduction of the eighth package ramping up the economic war on Russia by the Brussels led European Union testifies to the complete loss of Europe’s independence, writes the Chinese newspaper Global Times.
‘The European Union is so dependent on the United States that it obediently follows any instructions from America when it comes to Russia. The reckless actions of the EU can turn into a catastrophe not only for the European continent but for the entire geopolitical situation in the world. ‘Europe’s energy problems are becoming more and more serious. The recent sabotage at Nord Stream by Washington or Westminster has shown how fragile the security of European energy infrastructure is. But even as the energy crisis deepens, Europe is still sticking to Washington’s hard line on Russia, regardless of the impact of such a policy on itself, writes the Global Times.
by Michael Walsh

Red Cross Admits They Do Not Separate Vaccinated From Unvaccinated Blood – Mother Claims Baby Died From Blood Clots Of Donated Blood
Earlier this month (September 2022), the Red Cross admitted that they don’t label blood products as originating from COVID-19 vaccinated people or blood from unvaccinated people. The reason they don’t separate or apparently distinguish blood from COVID-19 vaccinated or unvaccinated people is because they believe that “the COVID-19 vaccine does not enter the bloodstream & poses no safety risks to the recipient.” As Kyle Becker of Becker News recently pointed out, this statement by the Red Cross that the COVID-19 vaccine does not affect the bloodstream is contradicted by several published studies. The Gateway Pundit recently published the story of Cornelia Hertzler of Hot Springs, Montana, who gave birth to a baby boy on January 3, 2022 who died just a month later on February 17, 2022 from blood clots just after receiving a blood transfusion.
by Brian Shilhavy

Brilliant Art (0:49)

Brilliant Art (0:49)

Three Unusual Green Tea Benefits – From Three Unique Forms
There’s seemingly no limit to green tea’s powers, which include help for diabetic peripheral neuropathy, brain function and even keeping your cool under stress. Plus, you may reap even more green tea benefits by trying out these three unique green tea forms Two-thirds of the world’s population enjoys tea as a beverage,[i] not only because of its pleasant taste but because it’s been renowned as a health-promoting drink since ancient times. In the U.S., black tea is most popular (often consumed iced), accounting for 84% of the tea consumed in 2019, while green tea made up just 15%.[ii] All tea comes from the leaves of the Camellia sinensis plant. The differences in color and flavor are due to different processing methods. While black tea is made from leaves that have been exposed to air, causing them to oxidize and giving them their dark color, green tea is made from young tea leaves that are not fermented and instead are withered, steamed and pan fired.[iii]
by GreenMedInfo Research Group

Is Credit Suisse About To Be The New Lehman Brothers?
Something is brewing in the financial world
Credit Suisse, as the name suggests, is a Swiss investment bank, headquartered in Zurich. It is one of the nine “bulge bracket” banks along with the Bank of America, Barclays, Citigroup, Goldman Sachs, JPMorgan Chase, Morgan Stanley, UBS and Deutsche Bank (which I intentionally left until last and will discuss later on). The bank is systemically important according to the Financial Stability Board. So, what’s the big deal about Credit Suisse (or Debit Suisse as it is now being referred to)? According to a staff memo from it’s CEO two days ago, the bank has solid capital and liquidity. “I trust that you are not confusing our day to day stock price performance”, he asked his staff, before adding that he was unable to share details of a transformation plan before 27 October.
by The Naked Emperor

Gavin Newsom Signs Bill Forcing Doctors To Push Jabs Or Be Excommunicated From Medicine
California Governor Gavin Newsom signed several bills into law Friday. All of them were radical leftist monstrosities advancing his totalitarian control over the state. They ranged in severity from the petty to the monstrous, showing he can promote evil at every level. But one can argue none of them will affect more citizens and likely kill more Californians than AB2098. According to the San Diego Tribune: The bill, AB2098, introduced by Democratic Assembly Member Evan Low, declares that a physician or surgeon commits professional misconduct if they disseminate “misinformation or disinformation” about the nature and risks of COVID-19, its prevention and treatment and the development, safety and effectiveness of vaccines. A doctor who commits such conduct could face discipline by the state medical board or osteopathic medical board and in severe cases, could potentially lose their license to practice in California.
by JD Rucker

After U.S. Soldiers Were Told to Go On Food Stamps, Congress Finds Another $12 Billion for Ukraine
Congressional lawmakers agreed to a deal that would provide another $12 billion in aid to Ukraine, which would bring the total military and economic resources provided to over $66 billion. The news follows the Senate passing a $40 billion aid package in May, along with a $14 billion package in March. President Biden earlier this month asked Congress for an additional $11.7 billion in aid for Ukraine, with Congress, in turn, seems to be jumping at his behest. As a reminder, also earlier this month the Army told active-duty American soldiers to go on food stamps if they were unable to afford food thanks to inflation. Food stamps for American soldiers, endless billions for Ukraine. This is your country now.
by Rusty Weiss

‘I Don’t Want That Pipeline Operational’: GOP Sen. Presses Witness On Nord Stream 2 (4:10)
December 7, 2021 – Sen. Ron Johnson (R-WI) questions Victoria Nuland, Under Secretary of State for Political Affairs, during a Senate Foreign Relations Committee to examine U.S.-Russia policy.

How To Debunk Thermite On 9/11
The evidence for the presence of thermite at the World Trade Center (WTC) on 9/11 is extensive and compelling. This evidence has accumulated to the point at which we can say that WTC thermite is no longer a hypothesis, it is a tested and proven theory. Therefore it is not easy to debunk it. But the way to do so is not difficult to understand. To debunk the thermite theory, one must first understand the evidence for it and then show how all of that evidence is either mistaken or explained by other phenomena. Here are the top ten categories of evidence for thermite at the WTC. I’m looking forward to the peer-reviewed scientific article that finally does replicate the nanothermite paper or any of the other peer-reviewed scientific papers that document the evidence for thermite at the WTC. Hopefully, we can approach those efforts without concerns about the sources and without recalling all the deception and manipulation that preceded them. Until then, it is important to recognize the difference between the superficial appearance of science and the actual practice of science. Ignoring 90 percent of the evidence is not scientific. And replication of the 10 percent means actually repeating the work. If thermite debunkers and alternate hypothesis supporters can find the courage and focus to step through that challenge, maybe they can begin to add to the discussion.
by Kevin Ryan

Pivot Point? New Cracks Emerge In Fed’s Rate Hike Narrative
…than we are starting to see the very first cracks start to emerge in the Fed’s otherwise “steadfast” positioning on rate hikes. The first sign, as I pointed out last week, was a headline that the U.S. Treasury was “eyeing” the turmoil in the United Kingdom with “growing alarm”. Then on Friday came a scoop from Fox Business News’ Charlie Gasparino, who took a break from doing pullups to drop the news that Fed officials are getting “worried about ‘financial stability’ as opposed to inflation as higher rates begin to crush bonds”. Gasparino then says the Fed is worried about another “Lehman Moment” (literally the same language that was used to explain the Bank of England’s pivot. Gasparino wrote: “A Fed watcher told me the UK intervention was not ‘a one off’ and the same systemic risk could happen here, which might cause the Fed to pause.” He then said the Fed is now concerned with “systemic risk”. Finally, on Saturday, a report dropped from Bloomberg highlighting how the Fed – which has been surprisingly unified on its course of action over the last 9 months – is now starting to become divided on policy.
by Quoth the Raven

The Case Against Fluoride
We’ve been fluoridating water since the 1950’s. The science is similar to vaccines: they simply forgot to do the all-cause mortality and morbidity studies showing the benefits outweigh the harms.
At the AB 2098 event in Sacramento today, Jay Sanders of fluoridealert.org walked up to me and asked me, “Can I give you a book?” This is the sort of life changing question that got Robert F. Kennedy Jr. to realize that vaccines aren’t safe. So after a 10 second hesitation to overcome my cognitive dissonance (since as we all know fluoridation must be safe since it is mandated everywhere ), I said yes, and I ended up with a copy of “The Case against Fluoride: How Hazardous Waste Ended Up in Our Drinking Water and the Bad Science and Powerful Politics That Keep It There.”
by Steve Kirsch

Decoding The Pentagon’s Online War Against Iran
From a click of a button in the US to violence on the streets of Tehran, the latest protests in Iran are being engineered and provoked from outside
The civil unrest in Iran in response to the recent death of 22-year-old Mahsa Amini while she was waiting at a Tehran police station, although rooted in legitimate grievances, also bears the hallmark of a western-sponsored covert war, covering multiple fronts. Mere days after the protests erupted on 16 September, the Washington Post revealed that the Pentagon had initiated a wide-ranging audit of all its online psyops efforts, after a number of bot and troll accounts operated by its Central Command (CENTCOM) division – which covers all US military actions in West Asia, North Africa and South and Central Asia – were exposed, and subsequently banned by major social networks and online spaces. The accounts were busted in a joint investigation carried out by social media research firm Graphika, and the Stanford Internet Observatory, which evaluated “five years of pro-Western covert influence operations.”
by Kit Klarenberg

ACH (1924) Dr. Peter Hammond – The Real Story Of The Rising Resistance To Globalism (Audio 1:01:06)
In today’s show originally broadcast on September 29, 2022, Andy is joined by Dr. Peter Hammond for a show entitled, “The Real Story Of The Rising Resistance To Globalism.”
We discussed: the significance of the recent election win for the Brothers Of Italy party; the numerous methods we can adopt in order to resist Globalism; the growing secession movement in South Africa; the worldwide rise in private security companies, whom the citizens pay to do what the police used to do; why George Orwell was able to predict Globalism; how the “Ministry Of Truth” in George Orwell’s book “1984” was modelled on the BBC; why the world we live in today is increasingly looking like a combination of that which was predicted by Aldous Huxley’s “Brave New World” and that which was predicted by George Orwell’s “1984”; why we have to disengage from mainstream media; the importance of home-schooling; when Christians are commanded to resist their leadears and how resistance to tyrants is obedience to God; how a devoted Marxist became a Christian; the importance of finding your own way to God; how the Bible is banned in 66 countries, making it the most censored book in the world; and many other topics.
by Andrew Carrington Hitchcock

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