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Researchers Find How Tiny Plastics Slip Through The Environment by Washington State University

Washington State University researchers have shown the fundamental mechanisms that allow tiny pieces of plastic bags and foam packaging at the nanoscale to move through the environment. The researchers found that a silica surface such as sand has little effect on slowing down the movement of the plastics, but that natural organic matter resulting from […]

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Ben Carson Calls For Investigation Of Election: ‘If There’s Nothing To Hide, There Should Be Nothing To Worry About’ by Martin Walsh

Former HUD Secretary Ben Carson is calling for a “real, open” investigation of the 2020 presidential election. During an interview on Fox News, Carson told host Neil Cavuto that he agrees that Donald Trump “was robbed” of an election victory. “I think it’s certainly worthy of investigation,” Carson said. Carson voiced his full support for […]

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Florida Sheriff Warns New Residents: Do Not Ruin State By Voting For Policies That You’re Escaping by Daily Wire News

Polk County Sheriff Grady Judd warned Monday that people who are moving to Florida must not vote the way they did in the states they are fleeing, assuming that they voted for Democratic politicians, otherwise they will turn their new home state into the one they fled. Judd made the remarks during a press conference […]