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Churchill, International Jews And The Holocaust: A Revisionist Analysis by Paul Grubach

Winston Churchill played an important role in the history of the twentieth century. For this reason alone, it is important that revisionists re-examine the beliefs and historical forces that motivated this lionized British icon. By improving our understanding of Churchill’s views of and his relationship with the Holocaust and the powerful Jewish groups that played […]

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Look At The Shocking Change White House Made To Official Website by Isa Cox

Now, the White House has now made a stunning and unprecedented change to its official website that only serves to underscore loud proclamations from critics that Vice President Kamala Harris is being groomed for running the whole operation herself – or is already doing so. President Joe Biden himself has contributed to such rumors by […]

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Multiple New Governors Take Cue from DeSantis, Take Vocal Stand Against Vaccine Passport by Erin Coates

The governors of Missouri and Kansas took a stand against the proposed COVID-19 “vaccine passports,” following the lead of Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis of Florida. DeSantis signed an executive order last week, which bans Floridians from having to show their coronavirus immunity status. “Today I issued an executive order prohibiting the use of so-called COVID-19 […]

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Neighbors With ‘Black Lives Matter’, ‘Asian Lives Matter’, And ‘Hispanic Lives Matter’ Yard Signs Getting Awfully Close To ‘All Lives Matter’ by Babylon Bee

According to sources, some residents of a local upper-class suburb have accumulated “Black Lives Matter”, “Hispanic Lives Matter”, and “Asian Lives Matter” signs in their perfectly manicured front yards. Experts warn, however, that with the addition of more people groups every day, they are getting dangerously close to saying “All Lives Matter.”