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The Media Is Lying To You About George Floyd And Ma’Khia Bryant by Candace Owens

George Floyd had a lengthy and serious criminal record that included nine arrests over the span of a decade which resulted in multiple stints in prison. The charges include delivery of a controlled substance (1997), two separate charges of theft (1998), failure to identify (2001), possession of a controlled substance (2002), trespassing (2003), another charge of delivery of a controlled substance (2004), possession with intent to manufacture or distribute (2005), and — most significantly — aggravated robbery with a deadly weapon (2007). You’re also not allowed to talk about the inconvenient details of the events which led to Floyd’s death. You cannot discuss the fentanyl or methamphetamine in his system, or his history of drug usage or previous drug overdoses. If this is all really about “black lives,” why can’t we discuss black criminality at the same time? After all, usually on the other end of black criminality is a black victim. That was the case with Jacob Blake, that was the case with George Floyd, and it’s the case over and over again around America.

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