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Big Oil Raked In $174 Billion In Profits This Year, As Gas Prices Hit 7-Year High by Kenny Stancil

“Americans looking for someone to blame for the pain they experience at the pump need look no further than the wealthy oil and gas company executives who choose to line their own pockets,” said Kyle Herrig, president of Accountable.US. While rising gasoline prices have adversely affected millions of working people in the U.S., the world’s […]

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Researchers Find How Tiny Plastics Slip Through The Environment by Washington State University

Washington State University researchers have shown the fundamental mechanisms that allow tiny pieces of plastic bags and foam packaging at the nanoscale to move through the environment. The researchers found that a silica surface such as sand has little effect on slowing down the movement of the plastics, but that natural organic matter resulting from […]

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Is The US Preparing To Back An Offensive Against The Syrian Government? by Robert Inlakesh

After days of clashes between US-backed Kurdish forces in Syria’s north east, a US general says that he is expecting further clashes as US re-enforcements allegedly move into the country. The US Biden administration may well be considering further offensive action against the Syrian government through its proxy forces, despite claiming to have learned its […]