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Biden’s HHS Pick Becerra Collaborated With Dems’ Mystery IT Man Imran Awan by Lloyd Billingsley

If Awan seeks a post at HHS, Becerra would surely hold the door open. The Senate has voted to confirm Xavier Becerra, Joe Biden’s pick to head the federal Department of Health and Human Services. As Deion Kathawa notes at American Greatness, the California attorney general is a rather odd choice for the job. After […]

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Want To Improve Your Health? Head To A National Park, And Absorb The Sounds by Colorado State University

Wolves howling, birds singing, rain falling-natural sounds inspire us and connect us to nature. New research by a team of scientists shows that natural sounds are also good for our health. Researchers from Carleton University, Michigan State University, Colorado State University and the National Park Service analyzed studies on the outcomes of listening to natural […]