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Biden DOJ Wins Lawsuit To Seize 260-Year-Old Texas Ranch Along Border by Bob Price

The Biden Administration took control of a Texas rancher’s border land on Wednesday. The action followed a victory by the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the Southern District of Texas against the family which has owned the land since 1760. In August 2020, then-candidate Joe Biden told reporters he would end all lawsuits seeking control of […]

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Only 3 Percent Of Earth’s Land Hasn’t Been Marred By Humans by Jonathan Lambert

Human activity has had a far-ranging impact on the numbers and abundance of other species. The Serengeti looks largely like it did hundreds of years ago. Lions, hyenas and other top predators still stalk herds of wildebeests over a million strong, preventing them from eating too much vegetation. This diversity of trees and grasses support […]

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Florida’s New Anti-Riot Law Has A Nasty Surprise For Rioters Who Surround Cars by Isa Cox

It increases penalties for those who assault or pelt objects at members of law enforcement during a “violent or disorderly assembly” and those who come from out of state to engage in a riot. It also prevents state aid from going to localities that defund police. What’s more, it provides protections for citizens forced to […]