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Ontario Premier Demands Officers Enact Unlawful Police State – They Refuse by Amy Mek

Thank you to to all law enforcement officers who choose to protect the rights of citizens instead of enforcers for state authoritarians. The self-described “Conservative” premiere of Ontario, Doug Ford, has imposed the toughest restrictions in North America in the name of stopping the spread of coronavirus. Ironically, Ford, the leader of Canada’s most populous province, with 40% of Canada’s population, has previously vowed he would not allow his province to become a police state like Quebec. However, Ford’s newest restrictions are more oppressive than Quebec’s. In one example, Ontario’s stay-at-home orders are 24/7, while Quebec’s curfew is after 8:00 PM. Ford announced he was giving police new powers to stop and question people who leave their homes. Officers are also fining offenders CDN $750 (US $600). Police, however, refused to make random stops demanded by the provincial government seeking to impose a stay-at-home order. At least a dozen police forces throughout Ontario, including their capital, Toronto, said there would be no random stops of people or cars.

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