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‘It’s Evil’: Why We Can’t Accept Vaccine Passports by John-Henry Weston

‘This is unacceptable. It is immoral, and we cannot accept this as the new normal,’ the head of Liberty Counsel said today. Mat Staver is a senior pastor, as well as the founder and chairman of Liberty Counsel, a Christian, pro-life organization that seeks to uphold religious freedom and a Biblical worldview. He explains on my podcast today the moral problems with the COVID vaccine and proposed mandatory vaccine passport. “There’s serious concerns, not only with the very essence of some of these experimental vaccines – and they’re still, by the way, as you know, in the experimental phase – but also with their use of aborted fetuses, cells, and tissue in their development and in some cases in their implementation.” “I’m really distressed, frankly, about some leaders, Protestant and Catholic, … that have come out. And they essentially said, oh, there’s no big deal. This is a remote evil. Well, it’s an evil!”

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