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Water Fight: Israel Turns Off Jordan’s Water Supply Amid Drought And ‘Personal Frictions’, Media Reports by RT

Already in trouble with Jordan, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu escalated tensions with his country’s closest Arab ally on Friday by unilaterally rejecting its request to increase water supply to the drought-hit kingdom. Netanyahu’s decision – reportedly influenced by a souring of his personal relationship with Jordanian King Abdullah II – went against the security […]

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New Epstein Revelations ‘Shocking’ But Accomplices Not Likely To Face Justice by Richard Sudan

The new criminal charges against Ghislaine Maxwell and claims about Jeffrey Epstein, are revealing, as well as shocking, and if true, shed further light on one of the most wide-reaching abuse scandals, possibly of all-time, casting the entire controversy in an even more sinister context, than was first thought. The vast scale of the abuse […]

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Russia Warns Of Increasing ‘Anti-White Racism’ In U.S. by Chris Menahan

“Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov on Thursday warned that anti-white racism might be building in the United States and said that political correctness ‘taken to the extreme’ would have lamentable consequences,” AFP reports. In an interview with political scientists broadcast on national television, Moscow’s top diplomat said Russia had long supported a worldwide trend that […]