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Europe’s Oldest Known Humans Mated With Neandertals Surprisingly Often by Bruce Bower

The two species regularly interbred by about 45,000 years ago. When some of the earliest human migrants to Europe encountered Neandertals already living there around 45,000 years ago, hookups flourished. Analyses of DNA found in human fossils from around that time — the oldest known human remains in Europe — suggest that interbreeding between Homo […]

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The Truth About Doublespeak: Is It Lying [Yes] Or Just Being Persuasive? by University of Waterloo

Doublespeak, or the use of euphemisms to sway opinion, lets leaders avoid the reputational costs of lying while still bringing people around to their way of thinking, a new study has found. Researchers at the University of Waterloo found that the use of agreeable euphemistic terms biases people’s evaluations of actions to be more favourable. […]