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Hidden Secret The Outrageous RAF Slaughter 4,500 Prisoners Of War by Michael Walsh

April 30, 1945, Reich President-Chancellor Adolf Hitler took his own life rather than humiliate Germany by surrendering to Allied captivity. A wise decision, the twice-elected German leader (1933 / 1936) would have been placed on ‘trial’ at the much-criticised Nuremberg tribunal (not a proper court of law) and after the show trial, hanged. On May 2, 1945, the German Armed Forces – not the government had capitulated, overwhelmed by the combined forces of the Soviet Union, British Empire and industrial-military might of the United States. Why then did an RAF squadron of Typhoons on the afternoon of May 3, 1945, attack German mercantile shipping moored in Neustadt Bay, Germany. Below the Royal Air Force flight crews, the German former luxury liner SS Cap Arcona. On-board were over 4,500 concentration camp prisoners who had been evacuated to the safety of the coast. At around 3pm, the Typhoons from the Second Tactical Air Force launched their assault.

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