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Joe Biden Unlawful Aggression In Syria Signals The Endgame In The Region by Vanessa Beeley

According to Syrian journalist, Kevork Almassian, Biden deliberately bombed the border crossing at Al Bukamal because it is a primary trade route for Iraq and Syria, largely under the protection of the Syrian Arab Army and the Iraqi Popular Mobilisation Unit/Forces (PMU), renowned for defeating ISIS in Iraq and Syria. The message being sent to […]

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Florida Sues Biden And More by Facts Matter with Roman Balmakov (17:37)

Florida Sues Biden And More by Facts Matter with Roman Balmakov (17:37) (To view full screen, also with many links, click the link below.)

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The SPARS Pandemic 2025-2028: A Futuristic Scenario To Facilitate Medical Countermeasure Communication

Effective communication about medical countermeasures – including drugs, devices and biologics – is often critical in emergency situations. Such communication, however, does not just happen. It must be planned and prepared for. One mechanism to develop communication strategies is through the use of prospective scenarios, which allow readers the opportunity to rehearse responses while also […]

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How Hitler Tackled Unemployment And Revived Germany’s Economy by Mark Weber

To deal with the massive unemployment and economic paralysis of the Great Depression, both the US and German governments launched innovative and ambitious programs. Although President Franklin Roosevelt’s “New Deal” measures helped only marginally, the Third Reich’s much more focused and comprehensive policies proved remarkably effective. Within three years unemployment was banished and Germany’s economy […]

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Leftist Narrative Shattered As Truth About CO Shooting Suspect Is Revealed by Jack Cowhick

The left can’t leave tragedies as tragedies – it has to politicize them. Following the deadly mass shooting Monday at a Boulder, Colorado, supermarket, prominent left-wing media figures and others rushed to Twitter not to denounce the heinous act as a heinous act or to mourn the 10 people who were killed, but instead to […]