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Kamala Harris #PedoQueen #PedoDefender by Video Rebel

Kamala Harris was elected District Attorney of San Francisco in 2003. She ran against the incumbent DA Terence Hallinan who had developed child molestation cases against 40 current and former Catholic priests. The cases involved hundreds of boys. Kamala Harris saw the opportunity and seized it. She went to Catholic donors and raised money for […]

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Does Ghislaine Have Epstein’s Blackmail Videos (For Israel)? by Philip M. Giraldi

It appears that Epstein, working with Israeli intelligence, video taped sexual encounters with underage girls to blackmail prominent politicians… Epstein partner Ghislaine Maxwell intimated to a 60 Minutes producer that she has some of the tapes (including of Bill Clinton & Trump) hidden in a secret location… she may be using them to cut a […]