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One Of The Nation’s Largest Pipelines Caused The Biggest Spill In Decades – And We’re Just Hearing About It by Molly Taft

Unless you’re living in Huntersville, North Carolina, you may be blissfully unaware that the U.S.’s biggest gasoline spill since 1997 happened this past summer. The slowly-unfolding, little-reported-on saga in the state involves a company controlled by special interests like the Koch brothers and Shell, and a pipeline that has been transporting dirty energy for decades. […]

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Creepy Joe “I’m Happy To Take Questions If That’s What I’m Supposed To Do” White House Cuts Feed (0:34)

Creepy Joe “I’m Happy To Take Questions If That’s What I’m Supposed To Do” White House Cuts Feed (0;34) (To view full screen, also with many links, click the link below.)

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Neanderthal And Early Modern Human Stone Tool Culture Co-Existed For Over 100,000 Years by University of Kent

The Acheulean was estimated to have died out around 200,000 years ago but the new findings suggest it may have persisted for much longer, creating over 100,000 years of overlap with more advanced technologies produced by Neanderthals and early modern humans. Previously, a more rapid shift between the earlier Acheulean stone tool designs often associated […]