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Covid Nonsense by Bishop Richard N. Williamson

The Covid nonsense drips with abortions’ blood –
If these go on, beware a fiery Flood!
It is now nearly a year since the Covid nonsense was sprung upon the whole wide world, all at once, based on a massive lie according to which a deadly plague was about to be let loose on all mankind. The massive lie became clear as soon as the number of deaths showed that the so-called “pandemic” was no worse than an average winter flu. Yet the vile politicians and the vile media continue to this day, at the behest of their hidden masters, to tell a stream of lies about the “pandemic” to maintain an artificial state of panic among the peoples of the world. Such on-going gullibility is a shameful spectacle on their part, but they have only themselves to blame, as usual, this time for their lack of common sense following on their lack of love of the truth, a lack which is what is going to bring on the Antichrist before too long (II Thess. II, 10). Covid has nothing to do with health, everything to do with the hidden masters’ drive for world power, used by God as a scourge for the multiple wickedness of the abortive society.

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