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Conversations With Dr. Cowan And Friends Episode 20: Brian Richards (1:03:58)

Conversations With Dr. Cowan And Friends Episode 20: Brian Richards (1:03:58) (To view full screen, also with many links, click the link below.)

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Google Gets Into Sleep Surveillance With New Nest Hub Screen by Michael Liedtke

Google’s next internet-connected home device will test whether consumers trust the company enough to let it snoop on their sleep. If you allow it, the device will also monitor your sleeping patterns from your bedside, negating the need to wear a fitness device or any other potentially bothersome gadget in bed. The feature, which Google […]

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Iran Will Offer No Concession To Biden’s Will For Giving Iran Nothing And Getting Many by Julia M.K.

The Biden administration’s wishful thinking of reeling in more concessions from Iran without committing to lifting the crippling sanctions levied against the Islamic Republic was reflected in a recent statement from White House National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan. Sullivan’s claims that there was ongoing ‘indirect diplomacy’ between Iran and the US were quickly dismissed by […]