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Russell Brand: Why Are Drugmakers Who Caused Opioid Crisis In Charge Of Solving The Pandemic? by Children’s Health Defense Team

It makes sense, Brand says, that some people have doubts about allowing corporations with a history of prioritizing profits over people to be in charge of solving the pandemic. Russell Brand wants you to know that the transnational global mega-companies creating vaccines for COVID-19 are the same drugmakers responsible for the opioid crisis that has killed more people than COVID. In his latest video, Brand cites a Feb. 3 study in JAMA Psychiatry showing that from March 2020 to October 2020, opioid overdose cases were up by 29%, suggesting that society is now “more susceptible than ever to addiction.” Judgments like the one against Johnson & Johnson, ordered by the state of Oklahoma to pay $572 million for “aggressively marketing” opioids, have had little impact on drugmakers for whom “profits override all other considerations,” Brand says. Is it any wonder, Brand asks, that some people might question the motives of these same companies when it comes to their role in solving the pandemic?

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