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Doctors And Scientists Write To European Medicines Agency Warning Of Covid-19 Vaccine Dangers by Off Guardian

A Press Release From The Doctors For Covid Ethics Campaign A group of scientists and doctors has today issued an open letter calling on the European Medicines Agency (EMA) to answer urgent safety questions regarding COVID-19 vaccines, or withdraw the vaccines’ authorisation. The letter describes serious potential consequences of COVID-19 vaccine technology, warning of possible […]

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Large Asteroid To Pass By Earth On March 21, 2021

The largest asteroid to pass by Earth this year will approach within some 1.25 million miles (two million kilometers) of our planet on March 21, NASA said Thursday. The US space agency said it will allow astronomers to get a rare close look at an asteroid. The asteroid, 2001 FO32, is estimated to be about […]

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The Great Railway Of Renaissance Europe by Michael Walsh

Adolf Hitler’s plans for renaissance Germany included an extraordinary new railway that by comparison would reduce all other railways rolling stock to almost laughable levels. This railway was designed to connect the most important cities in Greater Germany with trains 7 metre high (30 feet), carrying up to 4,000 passengers at speeds of 200 kilometres […]