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Righteousness + Force In America: The Trap Of Righteous Activism Coupled With State Power by Sam Jacobs

Weaponized Righteousness Cannot Be Reasoned WithIt runs counter to the general sense of fair play and open-mindedness that the Anglo-Saxon tradition is known for to say that there is a person or group of people who are not worth communicating with. But the righteous want total control over every aspect of social and private life, […]

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John Wayne: The Forgotten History Of “The Duke” by Sam Jacobs

John Wayne is an American Hollywood icon every bit the equal of James Dean or Marilyn Monroe. He is also a man from another era, a man whose conservatism came as naturally as walking down the street. Affectionately known as “The Duke,” he spent three decades as a top box office draw with 179 film […]

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Nationalism vs. Patriotism: What’s The Difference And Why It Matters by Sam Jacobs

First Things First: How Do Both Differ From Libertarianism and Conservatism Definition by Contrast: What is Globalism? What is Revanchism? So What’s the Deal With Switzerland? Nationalism vs. Patriotism in the U.S. and the U.K. The Missing Key to the Puzzle: Ethnogenesis Can Nationalism or Patriotism Exist Without a State? Why Nationalism Is Not Simply […]

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How To Build A Gun Club by Sam Jacobs

A Guide to Organizing and Starting Your Own Local Gun ClubThere’s never a bad time to start a gun club, but there are maybe better times than others. With an emerging global medical police state, the spectre of the most anti-Second Amendment administration in history hanging over the United States, and recurring left-wing riots, now […]

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Cultural Marxism’s Origins by Sam Jacobs

How the Disciples of an Obscure Italian Linguist Subverted AmericaThe underlying theory here is a variant of Marxism, pioneered by early-20th-century Italian Marxist politician and linguist Antonio Gramsci. Gramscian Marxism is a radical departure from Classical Marxism. One does not need to endorse the Classical Marxism of Marx, Engels and others to appreciate the significant […]