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Freedom Saves Lives Too by Simon Black

In California, kids have still not gone back to school, masks are still required even when you’re outside, and indoor activities are strictly limited. Californians are still only supposed to leave home for “necessary” government-approved reasons. Meanwhile in Florida, the Governor never issued a statewide mask mandate. Bars and restaurants have been back at full capacity since September. Florida schools have been open all school year. Families gathered for the holidays. And the state hosted the Super Bowl. We’ve also been hearing from our media overlords for months about how wonderful and effective the harsh lockdowns in California are, and how dangerous things are in Florida. So it would be easy to think that Covid case rates and death rates in Flordia would be dramatically higher than in California. But that’s not the reality. CDC statistics show that the Covid-19 case rates and death rates since the beginning of the pandemic are nearly identical in both states.

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