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The Irish Holocaust by Christopher Fogarty (Book / Free eBook / Petition / Website)

Ireland 1845-1850: The Perfect Holocaust and Who Kept It “Perfect”
by Christopher Fogarty

We are offering this historical masterpiece free to everyone! The book is also available in hard copy format direct from Christopher Fogarty, (email: and he will sign and inscribe any message you so desire, the cost is $25 + shipping or you can receive a copy on if you prefer to support this small but up and coming company. Download your free copy of “Ireland 1845-1850: The Perfect Holocaust and Who Kept It Perfect” and invite your friends, family and anyone with a love for Ireland and a love for truth and the true history of Ireland. Only when you, the Diaspora and the Proud Irish Men & Women, spread the truth of what really happened during that terrible time in Ireland’s history of 1845-1850 and seek recognition and justice, only when you stand up for the truth, can the 5+ Million souls who perished, truly Rest In Peace.

Read the Book, Sign The Petition and together let us shine the Light of Truth on the dark history of The Irish Holocaust. Ireland 1845-1850: Famine Lies vs. Holocaust Facts. Ireland starved because its food, from 40 to 70 shiploads per day, was removed at gunpoint by 12,000 British constables reinforced by the British militia, battleships, excise vessels, Coast Guard, and by 200,000 British soldiers (100,000 at any given moment). If Britain’s census figures for Ireland are correct the British government murdered approximately 5.16 million Irish men, women, and children; making it the Irish Holocaust.

From Dr. Vernon Coleman
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3 Replies to “The Irish Holocaust by Christopher Fogarty (Book / Free eBook / Petition / Website)

  1. Holocaust, “burnt offering”, to me, is a Jewish term. Using the word “holocaust” makes me .wonder, who is promoting this “theme”? Are the Irish this perpetually downtrodden and persecuted lot? Me thinks not, so! Ireland has been infiltrated and is being disassembled – once a bastion of Christian Faith. Ireland, AWAKE! Rise from your hypnotic slumber! Trust in Our Lord Jesus the Christ! Satan has a special interest in your demise. GOD SAVE IRELAND, FOREVER!

    1. Holocaust was applied to this massacre in Ireland between 1845 – 1850. This was longer before the Jews captured the word.

      1. The word has been around since 1200. I have only ever read it applied to events during WW2, and seems to have been chosen to describe those events – instead of the apparently less emotive ‘genocide’ (?).
        I believe the construction “Holocaust” was widely propagated, entered popular consciousness, from around the mid-1960’s (?) ie.,. Not to deny it’s occurrence: It’s propagation as a stand-alone event in itself, with tenuous historical context, began around the time of Israel’s 1967 War…
        Officially, what happened was The Irish Famine – no historical context, no imperial causes. If millions died then the case should be made for it being Genocide, deliberately carried out…

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