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Unmasking The Global Food Cartel: Is Massive Starvation And Population Reduction Their Next Move? by Brian Shilhavy

The Globalists who control the world today are not politicians. Politicians are puppets, chosen by the Globalists, who control the world’s financial system. At the very top of the pyramid they are Satanists, specifically “Satanic Jews” which I define in this article: Identifying the Luciferian Globalists Implementing the New World Order – Who are the “Jews”? Their modus operandi is the world’s financial system, and the Globalist companies that run the world. We recently published the very well-written commentary by F. William Engdahl on BlackRock, the investment firm which he claims has more financial influence than the Federal Reserve and the governments of most nations. See: Unregulated Investment Firm BlackRock: More Political and Financial Influence than the Federal Reserve and Most Governments Today, I am republishing an article from a website called “Behind The News Network,” a site I have been following in my newsfeed since the COVID-19 Plandemic began last year.

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